[Hero Wars Guide]Astral Seer? Ascension Resource Gift?

The Astral Seer and the Ascension Resource Gift have the same materials available.
So, with the same amount of emeralds, what happens?
I compared the expected value when 30,000 emeralds are used to get the total sum.

Comparison of expected value when 30,000 emeralds are used

Astral SeerAscension Resource Gift
Eternal Seed109
Vibrant Crystal85654
Radiant Crystal40244
Greater Insignia40915
(Soul Stone)


  • This is a comparison based on the results of opening the package.
  • Due to statistical nature, sample error may occur.
  • Fractions are rounded off.
  • Prophet of the Stars is based on the results of 20 100-round runs (2,000 total).
  • Ascension Material Gift is based on the results of opening 3,434 packages.


  • Astral Seer is the best value in a simple comparison.
  • If you use the daily quests to exchange with other players, you can expect to double your Ascension Resource Gift. Therefore, once a day is valid for the purpose of obtaining the very scarce Eternal Seeds!
  • Ascension Resource Gift will give you more Soul Stone.
  • Ascension Resource Gift  is an addition to the guild tree and ranking rewards!
  • This is a statistical expectation, and actual results will vary from person to person.

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