[Hero Wars Guide]Foremother’s Pledge

[Hero Wars Guide] Foremothers Pledge

Event Guide

[Hero Wars Guide] Upgrade Martha
  • Hero Event for Martha.
  • Various hero enhancement materials can be obtained.
  • There are many quests.
  • The quest structure is the same as Lian’s event, except for the change in the Soul Atrium specifications.
  • The name of Martha doll is misspelled as Marta Doll, but it appears to be just a spelling error.

It was voted to hold the event

Flavor Text

A special type of tea grows in the woods of Zarakkar, one that heals the most dangerous wounds. Guarded by the Foremother, ancient forebear to all tortoises, the marvelous tea had been hidden from human sight until a young woman named Martha received its gift, paying an enormous price in return.

[Hero Wars Guide] Martha Dolll

Task List

  • 1. Score points (MAX 18,000)
  • 2. Promote your hero Martha (MAX Orange +2)
  • 3. Reach the Evolution level for Martha (MAX Star 6)
  • 4. Get VIP points (MAX 4,500)
  • 5. Spend Emerald (MAX 60,000)
  • 6. Spend Energy (MAX 10,000)
  • 7. Unlock an Ascension glyph in the Ascension Spire (MAX 35)
  • 8. Spend gold (MAX 3,000,000)
  • 9. Level up the glyph for Martha (MAX 150)
  • 10. Perform summons in the Soul Atrium (MAX 100)

Task Details and Rewards

Spend gold quests

  • Any quest for gold is worthwhile.
  • Beginners can invest their gold to enhance their skill levels and fulfill these quests.
  • Additionally, purchasing buffs for the Battle of Osh contributes to the completion of these quests.

Soul Atrium quests are different from the Lian event

  • The number of times the Soul Atrium is run is counted
  • Comparable information at this time is a candidate for the use of Soul Crystals that have been stockpiled. Soul Crystals can be obtained by spinning patterns.
  • This is a good way to use Soul Crystals, especially for players who can complete the quest to Get Soul Stones in each event by other means.

About obtaining Martha’s Soul Stone

[Hero Wars] Martha Dolll
  • The primary method to obtain Martha’s Soulstone is through the Hero Soul Stone Chest and Demon Doll.
  • This might not be the case for longtime players, but for those looking to advance Martha, this event can be seen as an opportunity.

Take advantage of overlapping events!

  • Duplicate events, such as earning VIPs and using Emeralds, vary from day to day.
  • Especially important on day one.

Event Shop Guide

Event History

  • Tuesday, January 23, 2024 (3 days)

Event Bundle

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