[Hero Wars Guide]Soul Atrium

[Hero Wars] Soul Atrium

About the Soul Atrium

  • You can obtain Hero Soul Stones.
  • It encompass all heroes, including Iris and Amira.
  • It uses daily free Soul Crystals or Emeralds.
  • Heroic Chests became obsolete with game updates and are set to be replaced in 2023.
  • The inhumane gossip about stuffing the killer, Cleaver, into Heroic Chests appears to be coming to an end.
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Official explanation


What The Soul Atrium Is? 

  • Many of you have been quite radical in your assumptions regarding the purpose of the enigmatic building awaiting its appearance in Strongford, and we’re happy that you’ve had a great time sharing your thoughts. But now, the time has come to unveil the mystery!
  • Long ago, the Forerunners, the founders of Dominion, concealed an ancient Sanctuary within the depths of the earth, the existence of which remained deeply hidden for a long time, awaiting its moment. In times of great need, with the advent of the Dark and Light Titans, that moment has come — Solaris, the Radiance of Creation, will awaken the Sanctuary so that mortal heroes of Dominion can stand up for themselves in the battle for the future of their world!

What does it mean, and what is the purpose of this Sanctuary?

  • The Soul Atrium is used for summoning new heroes, getting Soul Stones for their evolution, as well as grand prizes, but there’s even more. Let’s take it step by step!
  • As an experiment, the Heroic Chest will be replaced by Soul Atrium, which contains numerous new mechanics and ways to obtain desired heroes more easily and quickly! One of the main advantages of the Atrium of Souls is an opportunity to summon absolutely ALL HEROES from Hero Wars: Dominion Era, including all the new Guardians!
  • Summoning heroes in the Soul Atrium can be done by using Soul Crystals or Emeralds, similar to the Heroic Chest. Each day you will be given one Soul Crystal, which can be used for both Single and Mass (using 10 Soul Crystals) summons. Moreover, the Mass summon guarantees at least one reward of higher than Common rarity!
  • We’ll provide more details about reward rarities, the Hero Wishlist, Grand Prizes, and much more in our upcoming posts — don’t miss out, it’s going to be very interesting!


We continue to share more details about the upcoming Soul Atrium, which will appear in the game soon, and this time we want to tell you more about two of its features: Hero Wishlist and Hero Rating system! 

What is the Hero Wishlist, and what is it for?

  • “Hero Wishlist” (available in the Soul Atrium from team level 20) is one of the Soul Atrium features that allows you to increase your chances of getting Soul Stones or full-on summoning a certain hero, while performing a summon. To do this, simply select the desired hero by clicking on guardian’s avatar!
  • You can choose the same hero multiple times, and in such cases, the increased chances of obtaining them will stack! Note that the increased chance does not guarantee getting that hero or their Soul Stones in the next summon, but it improves the base odds of getting the desired hero compared to all the possible rewards of the same rarity. And yes, you can change your Wishlist selection at any time, which allows you to get desired heroes even faster! 
  • As you can see in the image above, in addition to the Hero Wishlist and the opportunity to increase the chances of getting guardians, we have also added convenient list of heroes based on their primary roles to make the process of getting heroes even more user-friendly!

What is Hero Rating, and how does it help?

  • “Hero Rating” is a system for rating heroes, allowing you to decide which hero, in your opinion, deserves special recognition for their achievements! This feature will help beginners to choose heroes wisely and give experienced players the opportunity to share their combat experience and knowledge about the guardians!
  • You can rate any of the guardians on a scale from 1 to 5, but only once you get them to Orange+4 rank. This limitation is added to avoid hasty ratings, as each of the Dominion heroes deserves an objective assessment of their skills! For the FIRST rating of each guardian, you will receive 50 Emeralds. You can change your rating at any time if you believe the rating is no longer relevant.
  • Guardian ratings are updated daily and are cross-server within the same platform, so you can have an accurate assessment of them, regardless of whether the heroes are popular on your server or how many players have already summoned them.

Whew, it seems like that’s enough information for now! In the next article, we will tell you about rewards rarities, Grand Prizes, and Guaranteed Rewards for summons — share your thoughts on the Soul Atrium and stay tuned for more!


The Soul Atrium will appear in the game tomorrow! In the previous article about the Soul Atrium, we provided an in-depth rundown of the Hero Wishlist and Hero Ratings — take a look if you haven’t already! And now, it’s time to delve into more details about Rewards rarity, Grand Prizes, and Guaranteed Rewards for summons!

Youtube Trailer

But before you do so, take a look at our trailer to see the Atrium of Souls a day before its release!

Amazing, isn’t it? We’re eager to see the Soul Atrium in the game ourselves, but for now, let’s get back to the article!

Rewards and their rarity

In the “All Rewards” tab, you’ll find a comprehensive list of all possible rewards from the Soul Atrium, categorized by their rarity. The rarity of each reward is primarily determined by the likelihood of obtaining it — the higher the Rarity, the lower the chance. But don’t worry, obtaining the desired Heroes will become simpler thanks to the Hero Wishlist!

Among the reward categories, you’ll discover Common, Rare, Very Rare, and Grand Prizes, each distinct not only in terms of the Heroes they offer but also featuring other mechanics!

  • Common: within this reward category, you can only acquire Hero Soul Stones. We’ve rescaled the number of Souls Stones that can be obtained in one summon — the maximum number of Souls gained is lower now, but the minimal number was increased from 1 to 5 Souls, so on average you are still getting more Souls Stones with each summon.
  • Rare: in this reward category, you can obtain both Hero Soul Stones and Heroes themselves. The number of Souls Stones that can be obtained in one summon has also been rescaled the same way  — you will now receive at least 5 Hero Soul Stones for a hero per summon, or Hero Soul Stones equal to the Hero’s base Evolution level if you’ve summoned them earlier.
  • Very Rare: in this reward category, you have the chance to obtain both Heroes and Hero Soul Stones depending on their base Evolution level, if you’ve summoned the Hero before (1 Star Evolution – 10 Hero Soul Stones, 2 Stars Evolution – 30 Hero Soul Stones, 3 Stars Evolution – 80 Hero Soul Stones). 
  • Grand Prizes: among the super prizes in this category, you can receive: the Absolute Star Cleaver, 50,000 Soul Coins, or a 5-star Evolution Hero from this category. You can summon Grand Prize Heroes only once, but there’s no limit on receiving the 50,000 Soul Coins Grand Prize — that depends on your luck! If you already have a Hero from this category summoned, you’ll receive 330 of their Hero Soul Stones (the number required for their 5-star Evolution).

Guaranteed Rewards

  • In addition to the aforementioned advantages and features of the Soul Atrium, another crucial element is worth noting — Guaranteed Rewards!
  • Guaranteed rewards are granted for the Summons you perform, and among these rewards, you’ll find not only various Heroes, Gold, and Experience Potions, but even the Absolute Star Cleaver! If you’ve already summoned Heroes received from Guaranteed Rewards, you’ll obtain Hero Soul Stones equivalent to their Star level (1 Star Evolution – 10 Hero Soul Stones, 2 Stars Evolution – 30 Hero Soul Stones, 3 Stars Evolution – 80 Hero Soul Stones).
  • The Absolute Star Cleaver is a rare and highly sought-after reward for many players. With the Soul Atrium appearance, relying solely on luck won’t be necessary anymore, as you can secure the Grand Prize of the Cleaver by completing 350 Summons! If you get the Cleaver before reaching the guaranteed summon, the guaranteed reward for 350 Summons will change to 50,000 Soul Coins. If you already have the Cleaver at the moment Soul Atrium appears, your guaranteed reward will be 50,000 Soul Coins.

It seems like you have all the information you need, so share your thoughts on that!

Official FAQ

Titles are tailored to the content.

Optimizing Soul Atrium Performance

  • Q: The Soul Atrium has a long loading time and its animation is quite laggy. How can I fix this?
  • A: You can enable hardware acceleration in your browser by following our guide on how to do so. It is important to keep this option enabled in order to give the browser permission to use your graphics card for processing graphics in the game. Meanwhile, we will do our best to optimize performance on our side. 

Free Hero Summons in Soul Atrium

  • Q: Can I summon Heroes in the Soul Atrium for free?
  • A: Yes, you can summon Heroes in the Soul Atrium for free by collecting Soul Crystals — you get one for free every day. Don’t forget to log in and claim it!

Ways to Obtain Soul Crystals

  • Q: How else can I obtain Soul Crystals apart from the one free Crystal per day?
  • A: We plan to implement more ways of obtaining Soul Crystals as rewards in events or other activities, though no details are available at the moment.

Maximum Soul Crystal Storage

  • Q: What is the maximum number of Soul Crystals I can store, is there a limit?
  • A: You can collect and store up to 365 Soul Crystals at once.

Gift Link for Soul Crystals Issue

  • Q: There’s a gift link for 10 Soul Crystals in the last post about the Soul Atrium, but after clicking it, my Soul Crystal count in the Atrium is still 0. Why is that?
  • A: The 10 Soul Crystals you received by following the link can be collected through in-game Mail, like other rewards from our official community. Claim them from there and go summon some heroes!

Hero Wishlist Selection Chances

  • Q: I’ve selected the same Hero in the Hero Wishlist 5 times. Does this mean now I have a 250% chance of obtaining them, and it’s guaranteed I will get them?
  • A: No, your chance of obtaining that Hero will not become 250%. For example, if you’ve selected Astaroth in the Hero Wishlist twice, giving him a 100% chance increase, and considering that the “Rare” category (which includes Astaroth) has 30 Heroes, the default chance of obtaining him is 1/30. After selecting Astaroth twice in the Hero Wishlist and doubling obtaining chances (100%), his summon chance becomes 2/30. Meanwhile, other Heroes’ chances drop to >1/30, favoring Astaroth in the Hero Wishlist. Keep in mind that the Astaroth “Rare” category also has its own chance of appearance (22.87%), which is required to obtain a possibility of getting Astaroth Soul Stones.

Guaranteed Reward Clarification: Cleaver vs. Soul Coins

  • Q: The guaranteed reward after 350 summons is supposed to be Cleaver, but I received 50,000 Soul Coins instead. Why?
  • A: 50,000 Soul Coins now also exist as a standalone Grand Prize. So, in this case, the guaranteed reward of receiving Cleave after 350 summons remains — you simply got lucky to receive 50,000 Soul Coins first! If you had Cleaver before the Soul Atrium appearance — your guaranteed reward in Soul Atrium would have been shown as 50,000 Soul Coins. Similarly, if you got lucky to get Cleaver before reaching 350 summons, the guaranteed reward would change to 50,000 Soul Coins.

Grand Prize Chances and Hero Evolution

  • Q: I received 50,000 Soul Coins, but I haven’t got any Heroes from the Grand Prizes category. Do all Grand Prizes have an equal chance of being obtained?
  • A: The chances of receiving Cleaver and 50,000 Soul Coins are slightly higher than obtaining chances of other prizes in that category, all other Grand Prizes have the same chances.

Obtaining Soul Stones for Grand Prize Heroes

  • Q: I got a Hero from the Grand Prizes category, but I can’t evolve them to Absolute because I don’t have their Soul Stones, and I have no way of getting them. Is there a solution?
  • A: The Soul Stones of some Heroes from the Grand Prizes category can be also obtained through other means – mainly from different Shops. As for other Heroes, we plan to adjust their Soul Atium Rarity category in the future to make obtaining their Soul Stones easier, or introduce new ways of acquiring them — we will definitely inform you about it!

Availability of New Heroes in the Soul Atrium

  • Q: How soon after the release of new Heroes they will appear in the Soul Atrium?
  • A: New Heroes’ Soul Stones will still be obtainable during dedicated events, and they won’t be added to the Soul Atrium immediately upon their release. However, we aim to make the process of obtaining new Heroes more accessible and will reduce the usual waiting time before their Souls hit the Soul Atrium or end up in a Shop.

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