[Hero Wars Guide]Amira

[Hero Wars]Amira

About Amira

  • Fairly strong hero appearing in 2022.
  • Roles are Support and Mage.
  • This support is a hostile support to the opponent’s team and has an extremely strong negative side. Unlike normal debuffs, it cannot be counteracted by debuff cuts. It is a sort of Sebastian counter and a Khorus counter.
  • It has no passive skills.
  • Second and fourth skills are powerful regardless of stat. This makes it suitable for those who want to be active on a budget with a lot of use even with a slight upgrade.
  • If you upgrade the magic attack to a certain level, there are scenes where DPS performance can be demonstrated. Especially effective against teams with a high Critical hit rate.
  • Works well with Arachne and is a Dante counter.
  • Works well with Albanor Aidan and is a Ishmael counter.
  • Magical attack, but extremely heavy blow, so difficult to counter with Isaac.
  • Limited use in defense, mainly used in offensive teams.
  • Basically the same characteristics as the control hero. Therefore, it is close to being a specialist in the battle against opponents, and it is difficult to be active in campaigns, etc.

Actual usage scenarios

Beat Dante team

Beat Ishmael team

Flavor Text

Jealousy, deceit, lust for power… Drawn into this endless game, Amira has grown devilishly tired of watching humans expose their weaknesses. Slaves to their desires are seeking out the slave to her lamp in the heart of the desert, unaware of the challenge putting their lives at stake. Will the new contestants be strong in spirit, or will they succumb to the captivating magic of mirages? Do they know that Amira’s lamp is a mere trinket for the genie, used by her to trick naive fools?


Careless Wish

  • Amira surrounds each enemy with a whirlwind of cursed gold. Any damage dealt by the enemy weakens the power of the storm around them. After 7 seconds, the whirlwind deals damage based on its remaining power.
  • Hurricane strength: 438,112 (400% Magic attack + Level x 100)
  • Max damage: 269,237 (220% Magic attack + Level x 300)

Desperate Fury

  • Amira grants a wish to enemies with the Agility main stat, boosting their critical hit chance for 7 seconds if it was above zero at the time of activation. Unfortunately, all their critical hits end up missing the target during that time.
  • Increases critical hit chance by: 28,963 (25% Magic attack + Level x20 + 200)
  • Chance to grant a wish is lowered if the target’s level is above 130

Art of Deceit

  • Amira grants a wish to enemies with the Intelligence main stat, boosting the healing they receive by 10% for 7 seconds. Unfortunately, Amira also damages them, and their Magic Attack decreases as they receive boosted healing. After the wish expires, the Magic Attack decrease remains active for 7 more seconds.
  • Damage: 139,084 (120% Magic attack + Level x 100 + 2,500)
  • Max Magic Attack decrease: 100,988 (90% Magic attack + Level x 50 + 1,300)

Illusory Alliance

  • Amira grants a wish to enemies with the Strength main stat, conjuring a superior ally for them and forcing them to transfer all buffs to that ally. Unfortunately, the superior ally is in fact an Illusion that doesn’t move, attack, or take damage.
  • Illusion’s lifespan: 10.5 seconds (Level x 0.05 + 6)

What do Amira’s skills mean?

First Skill

  • Summons gold to all opponents and deals time-delayed damage.
  • During the waiting period, damage is reduced according to the damage inflicted by the opponent.
  • Strong against teams with many non-attacking heroes such as Nebula and Fafnir.

Second Skill

  • Debuffs attack misses on critical hits only for heroes whose main stat is speed.
  • At the same time, it also increases the Critical hit rate.
  • If the original Critical hit rate is present, it will be added.

Third Skill

  • Debuffs magic attack power only for heroes with Intelligence as their main stat.
  • At the same time, it also buffs the amount of healed damage.

Fourth Skill

  • Summons a decoy that takes the effect of protecting a hero whose main stat is Strength.
  • Summons a decoy whose main stat is a Hero of Strength, making the opponent’s Hero immune to Andvari Astaroth’s Cover Skill.



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