[Hero Wars Guide]Magic Teams Defense and Amira’s Breakthrough

[Hero Wars Guide] The Best Wizard

Concept of Defense Teams

Trends in Defense

  • The prevailing defense trends involves physical team setups.
  • Particularly in guild games and CoW, defense strategies with an element of uncertainty are popular, often utilizing heroes like Dante.
  • Notably, NG sees a rise in magic team defenses using Orion or Twins.

Why Avoid Defending with Magic Teams?

  • Most magic teams are susceptible to defeat by Isaac.
  • Isaac accumulates gauges from opponent magical attacks and unleashes powerful general attacks.
  • Consequently, heroes with multiple attacks can easily succumb to Isaac’s onslaught.

Magic team defense was effective before the emergence of Isaac, especially with strong heroes like the Twins.

Magic teams can be effective to some extent if they counter Isaac

  • Isaac inherently counters magic damage by activating his skills.
  • Hero Wars’ magic attacks are generally skill-based, requiring a specific amount of time from the battle’s start until activation.
  • Hence, defeating Isaac with non-magical damage before his team’s magic attack launches can be especially effective. For example, a team comprising Dante tank + wizard can work to a certain extent, although it may be challenging with Orion due to his fast skill activation.

Amira in Defense

  • Amira, currently the best wizard, is also employed in defense.
  • Initially, she wasn’t very effective due to the lack of skins, but recent additions have boosted her effectiveness.
  • Amira is fortunate in that she isn’t the type of wizard easily countered by Isaacs.

Dante Tank with Amira

Why Isaac is not as Effective against Amira

  • Isaac excels at countering magic attacks.
  • Amira’s magic attacks are one-hit kills, often bypassing Isaac’s counter and knocking him down.
  • Amira also nullifies critical attacks, particularly effective against the Isaac + Sebastian combo, where Sebastian’s critical buff to Isaac is negated by Amira’s damage nullification.
  • Certainly, if a player understands how to counter Amira and employs a combo like Isaac + Thea while avoiding Sebastian, there are effective strategies that can be employed!
  • While Isaac is officially mentioned as a counter to Amira, in practice, many players feel Isaac is not as effective against Amira as suggested.

Pure Damage Teams are Effective

  • Iris and Heidi are Mages (Magic User), but they function as pure damage teams without relying on magic damage.
  • Isaac, as a counter to magic damage, is less effective against pure damage teams. If anything, Iris and Heidi can be considered counters to Isaac.
  • Considering these damage types when forming teams allows for a more strategic defense.

Example of a Pure Damage Teams

Why Can’t I Beat a Magic Team even though I used Isaac?

  • The game is more complex than just employing Isaacs.
  • For instance, when facing Helios with an Isaac + Sebastian configuration, the mutual counters of Isaac to magic attacks and Helios to critical attacks result in an exchange of counterattacks. Inconsistent outcomes occur, with some battles won and others lost.
  • Additionally, Isaac is a high-level hero who requires thorough strengthening with an emphasis on physical attack and Health, ideally reaching at least 100,000 power to be truly effective.
[Hero Wars Guide] Helios Works

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