[Hero Wars Guide]Free Gifts

[Hero Wars] Get the Gift

What’s Available?

  • Hero Wars presents an array of enticing free gifts!
  • Let’s delve into the offerings!
[Hero Wars] Claim the gift

How to get

  • Click on the URL.
  • You will receive it in your in-game email.

Group Gifts

  • The majority of gifts are distributed through the web version at the following URL.
  • The general lineup of gifts is as follows:

HW Community | Feed – 1 (

Daily Gifts (Free Boxes)

  • At 14:00 (GMT+0), treasure chests and other items are distributed.
  • On weekdays, treasure chests are distributed based on team level; for example, a team level of 130 earns you 3 platinum chests.
  • Saturdays and Sundays feature Titan’s Artifact Sphere x5.
  • Each gift is valid for 24 hours and expires with the distribution of the next Daily Gift.
[Hero Wars] Free Boxes

Daily gift distribution times by time zone

  • GMT+12 > 26:00
  • GMT+11 > 25:00
  • GMT+10 > 24:00
  • GMT+9 > 23:00
  • GMT+8 > 22:00
  • GMT+7 > 21:00
  • GMT+6 > 20:00
  • GMT+5 > 19:00
  • GMT+4 > 18:00
  • GMT+3 > 17:00
  • GMT+2 > 16:00
  • GMT+1 > 15:00
  • GMT0 > 14:00
  • GMT-1 > 13:00
  • GMT-2 > 12:00
  • GMT-3 > 11:00
  • GMT-4 > 10:00
  • GMT-5 > 9:00
  • GMT-6 > 8:00
  • GMT-7 > 7:00
  • GMT-8 > 6:00
  • GMT-9 > 5:00
  • GMT-10 > 4:00
  • GMT-11 > 3:00

Gifts at the Start of the Event

  • In most cases, 500 energy is distributed on the first day of the event.
  • Distribution will not commence simultaneously with the start of the event but will be delayed by several hours.
  • In the case of multiple events beginning concurrently, only one distribution will take place.

Gifts From Boxy

  • When the official Youtube channel’s subscriber count reaches a milestone.
  • 5 Gifts from Boxy is distributed in celebration.
[Hero Wars]Gifts from Boxy

Boxy’s Gift

Reward for Active Valkyrie’s Favor!

  • Subscribers receive exclusive gifts as part of the subscription promotion.
  • Including 300,000 Gold, 10 Summoning Spheres, and 10 Artifact Chest Keys.

VIP Gift from Wendy!

  • Exclusive gifts for players with VIP1 or higher as a promotion for supporting the game.
  • Including 200 Energy, 500,000 Gold, and 10 Artifact Chest Keys.

Community Event Gifts

  • Gifts are rewarded for quests related to questions posted on the official website.
  • If a player successfully solves the problem, everyone receives the gift.
  • This gift is given irregularly during one-off events.

Voting Gift

  • Users vote for options A and B, and the option with the highest number of user choices receives the gift, primarily consisting of x750 skin stones.

Event Progress Item Gifts

  • These gifts appear in map-style events, providing event progression items.

Distribution on Official Youtube Channel

  • A time-limited URL is shared in the live stream’s description to entice viewers to visit the official Youtube channel.
  • Typically, the content offered is a Gifts from Boxy.

Champions Season and Golden Tickets Giveaway LIVE STREAM! | Hero Wars – YouTube

Distribution in Official Comics

  • To promote the official comic, a time-limited URL is featured on the last page, often containing a treasure chest of skin stones.

Chapter 2 of 4 – 2 | Hero Wars: Raging Blades (

Gifts Sent Directly to Your In-game Mail

  • Commemorative gifts for new features and more are sent directly to your In-game Mail.
  • Gifts are automatically delivered to your email when you log in to the game during the distribution period.
  • Keep in mind that there is often a limit to the number of days until the login is valid, and there may be a time constraint for opening the received items. Ensure not to forget to open them promptly!


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  1. Netizen1 says:

    I am UTC -4 and my daily gifts are at 10 AM local time, not 12:00
    Working it backwards, I believe the daily gifts are posted at 14:00 UTC every day.

    • zero says:

      Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
      The list intended for inclusion was incorrect, and I have already completed the corrections.


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