[Hero Wars Guide]What strong player do and weak player don’t do

[Hero Wars] Summon and Level up Axel

What do and don’t do

  • Where does the difference between strong and weak people come from, even if they have the same power?
  • I’ll try to write what I can say in general terms.

How to choose a hero to upgarde

  • Weak people waste resources by upgarde only a few heroes that they hear are strong or that they are interested in. Strong people have a firm grasp of the really strong teams, and focus on upgarde key strong DPS and heroes that go well with them.
  • In the 2023 environment, Dante, Ishmael, and Iris are the most likely candidates for key DPS.

Mellifluence of upgarde power

  • Weak players upgarde all 5 heroes in the same way, but strong players upgarde them in different ways.
  • Weak players focus on collecting equipment and neglect their pets, while strong players give priority to strengthening their pets.
  • Weak people extend their skins and artifacts halfway through the game. Strong people follow the priority order and concentrate on strengthening the necessary skins and artifacts while conserving resources

Careful selection of upgarde status

  • Weak people will upgrade where they can. Those who are strong will be patient and give priority to those that have the greatest effect.
  • Generally, for DPSs whose main stat is speed, armor penetration and speed are important, and for Dante, dodge is added to these.
  • Generally, for tanks, strength and armor are important, and magic defense, physical attack, and magic attack should come later.
  • In general, main stats, health, and armor are important for support players, as long as they don’t die.

Understanding the odds

  • Weak people do not know who they can beat. Strong people will choose who they can beat by dividing roles in the guild and go for it!
  • Some people play their luck with Dante tanks for now, while others know how to beat Dante reliably with Heidi in different patterns!

Extra: Material Control

  • The game is not about strengthening at the time you want, but about controlling materials so that you can take advantage of events efficiently, so that the same amount of materials will grow at different rates.
  • This means stocking up on the same item on a daily basis so that you can use it when the event rewards are set at the time you use that item!

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