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A Is the new hero strong? to Hero Wars

  • Are Hero Wars’ new heroes strong?
  • Every year Hero Wars introduces new heroes!
  • We explain how strong they are!
  • What is the best hero, the best character, the best team, the best party? We hope this will help you to think about these questions!


  • In some games, the new characters are overwhelmingly strong. but this game has not been the case for a long time.
  • New heroes tend to be slightly stronger overall, but older heroes may be more capable.
  • Year-end heroes are OP, high expectations.
  • Ratings are not universal, they change.
  • There is also a framework of rework.
  • We should evaluate the merits of individual heroes, not that they are stronger because they are new heroes.
  • The reality is that team perfection is more directly related to winning and losing than evaluation of individual heroes.

Year-end heroes are OP

  • Among the new heroes, there are heroes that are implemented at the Winterfest, a big event held every year during the year-end and New Year holidays.
  • These are heroes who, according to the results of the past years, are always important and active.
  • However, rather than being strong out of hand, they are strong counters to something, and their priority is different for everyone. However, there is no difference in being a powerful hero!
  • It is not always the hero whose strength is obvious and whose DPS is at the year end hero, but even support and healer heroes often have a very powerful pattern!
  • In the main, this game is not about the strength of a single hero, so even OPs have to be compatible with their own training heroes and their own team’s challenges. Therefore, you should not just welcome them with open arms, but rather give them some thought to see if they fit your personal requirements.


What is OP?

  • Over Power
  • It is a nuance of being too powerful.

Other than Year-End Heroes

  • Generally, there are many heroes who are active.
  • Most of them have a specific role, like Fafnir, who supports the protection of the physical team.
  • If a hero is a must-have for your team, you should bring him up, but there are many heroes that you will not regret forgoing the upgrade.

Is the new heroes stronger than the old heroes?

  • It is not true that the new heroes are stronger than the heroes of the past!
  • For example, Dante is a hero reworked in 2021, but as of June 2023, there are still opinions that he is the strongest!
  • The game is not balanced in such a way that new heroes have an overwhelming advantage.
  • The new heroes have a comparative advantage, but the idea of synergies and counters is more important.
  • In some cases, the introduction of a new hero brings an old hero that was not popular before into the limelight as a strong synergist or a strong counter. For example, when the OP DPS, Iris, was implemented, Rufus suddenly came into the limelight as a counter to her. I think many players know the current prevalence of Rufus!

Evaluations are not universal

  • Not all new heroes are appreciated from the beginning. Here are some heroes whose user evaluation changed especially significantly.
  • Satori started out as a very strong magic DPS. However, a year later, when Sebastian, who nullified Satori’s foxfire, appeared on the scene, he could not win at all, and his reputation plummeted. Two years later, with the introduction of various countermeasures against Sebastian and the start of CoW, it was reevaluated!
  • Albanor was introduced as a counter to conventional attacks. However, at that time, there were only a limited number of heroes whose normal attacks were important. Therefore, Albanor was treated like air. However, about two years after its appearance, with the reworking of Ishmael, whose normal attack is powerful, and the appearance of Aidan, who becomes an important pairing for Albanor, Albanor was appreciated by many for the first time!

About Rework

  • A rework is a change in the specifications of a previously existing hero.
  • Generally, it is an upward revision.

Rework physical DPS

  • When physical DPS is reworked, it can be a true OP, a strength that shocks the game!
  • In past instances, the reworking of Dante and Ishmael were both radical changes to the environment!
  • In rare cases, there are heroes like Kayla, who only had her parameters increased immediately after implementation.

Rework others

  • Often, they are moderately upwardly modified.
  • Many results that make the user happy, but only to the extent that most people are not interested.
  • Some important reworks exist. Arachne, for example, received a high rating as the first control.

Ascension skills

  • Similar to rework, there are ascension skills.
  • Ascension skills add skill upgrades to a hero.
  • Ascension Skills are skill upgrades that are added to a hero’s skills and may be performed at the same time as rework.
  • The importance of the Ascension skill varies from hero to hero. Some, like Ishmael and Thea, are essential. Less important ones like Cleaver. Some, like Qing Mao, come with disadvantages.
  • Unlike rework, ascension skills can only be effective after investing significant resources. For this reason, mastering them may not be practical for some playstyles.

Who is really strong?

  • New heroes do not = stronger.
  • Each hero must be evaluated individually
  • Evaluation will change depending on the environment

Teams are more important

  • Here is a summary of the strength trends of the new heroes
  • The real winners and losers will be the teams that are able to use the new heroes well, while having good synergy within their own team and designing appropriate counters against the opponent’s team, rather than the teams that are all packed with new heroes!
  • What kind of defense team is strong? What kind of defense team is strong, and what kind of offense team is effective against that defensive formation? It is important to figure this out, and understanding heroes is only a step in this process.

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