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What you need to know before you start

What kind of game is Hero Wars?
Here is a rundown of what you need to know before starting the game.

The basics

What type of game is it?

  • At first, the game is a campaign mode where you clear maps one at a time.
  • Gradually, the main focus is on playing against other players with heroes you’ve trained for a long time.
  • Different people play different contents such as guild raids and titans.

Is there any resuming at the beginning?

  • No, there is not. There is some element of luck, but it is not a factor worth resuming, as it can be said that it makes no difference what you get!

Is there a Gacha system?

  • Yes. However, the game is not designed to target the character you are looking for, but only to obtain resources.

What is required to create an account?

  • There are several game environments, it depends on them.

Do I need to install the software?

  • Web and Facebook versions use only a browser and do not require installation.

What to do when quitting the game

  • If you want to quit after deleting your account, you need to make a request to support.

How to start

  • If you want to try it out, why not give it a try when you have time?
  • There is no campaign for beginners (Start now and get xxx free gacha!) There is no such thing.
  • You can get free gifts (not for beginners, but for all players) from the official announcement page at that time. There are several 500 energy free every month. If you start the game when this is available and use it in Stage 2 of the campaign, you can easily collect the Soul Stone for the hero named Arachne!

More Explanation

About the environment

  • There is a Web version, a Facebook version, and a mobile version. They are not compatible, and data cannot be transferred between each Ver.
  • Bugs often occur, but the official response is quick and critical ones are fixed immediately.
  • Real-time elements are limited. More of a puzzle game. The game does not require much machine specs, and can be played on MacBooks and other devices.

About Multi-ID

  • A single player account can have IDs on multiple servers.
  • A certain number of players partition and play on the latest server based on their experience on the first server they joined. This can be used to try out different heroes even if they do not charge
  • The disadvantages of having IDs on multiple servers are virtually nonexistent, but moving to the same server as one’s other IDs is restricted

About Payment

  • The basic service is free, but there are many payment elements.
  • There is little that can be done without payment. On the other hand, the speed of growth is proportional to the amount of payment.
  • Only a very limited number of growth elements, called “Beach skins” are currently available only with fees. It cannot be an absolute winning factor.
  • The difference in upgrade speed between those who pay no fees and those who do is so great that the gap widens and widens as the playing time increases. However, there is a growth limit, and after about two years of play, there will be scenes where you can aim to win.
  • Among the growth elements, the content called Titan Battle is not realistic to challenge the top players unless you pay for it. (In relation to the Titan game mode, it is not realistic to complete the end content without paying for it.

About upgrade Heroes and others

  • The game is very much a upgrade game for heroes, pets, and titans.
  • Training is very heavy, and even if you pay a certain amount of money, you will have to proceed with upgrade on a yearly basis.
  • Long-term play allows those who pay a fee to have a large number of heroes and to organize both attack and defense at will. If they do not pay, they will select only those heroes they have chosen and work on their long-term development.
  • In the beginning, the player who pays only the power difference can win, but gradually the power difference decreases and the puzzle element of finding the optimal solution becomes stronger.
  • Resource management is very important in this game. Many people enjoy this game as a training game because there are many elements to figure out how to optimize the game.

About the Strongest

  • Not a game where anyone can be the strongest, you have to pay for it.
  • There is a lot of chemistry and combinations. There is no such thing as the strongest in the true sense of the word, and even the strongest players lose when they lose.
  • This game is suitable for those who want to challenge the strongest players with a hero they have carefully trained over a period of years.

About the game balance

  • There is a balance between the strength of heroes and pets.
  • However, strength is not absolute, and even the weakest hero can win against the strongest heroes if the team is designed appropriately.
  • If you choose a hero with a strong hobby element if you do not pay for it, you will have a hard time winning. A proper team does not mean a single one, but rather a large number of heroes, which must be able to be recombined according to the opponent. Strong heroes tend to be able to compete against a relatively large number of opponents with a small number of cards in their hands.

About game modes

  • There are two types of game modes: PVP and Non-PVP.
  • The main PVP game mode is guild warfare, in which selected members of a guild attack each other twice a day for two minutes. The winners and losers of these 4-minute battles are seriously contested.
  • Non-PVP is most popular for boss battles, called guild raids, which can take place five times a week in two-minute battles. In addition, there are also Campaign, Adventure, and Titan Tournaments. Most game modes are designed so that players can reach the end content without paying.

About the puzzle elements

  • Some puzzles that appear in advertisements are implemented, but they are practically an extra element
  • The main game element is called Hero Battle, in which five heroes battle it out. There is a strong puzzle element in which players must think of a winning combination of heroes to match their opponent’s team. Those who pay the bills have an advantage because they can raise many heroes.
  • Each year, there are various events held during certain seasons, and during these events, limited-time mini-games appear. These mini-games have a strong puzzle element.

About Guilds

  • Most of the game modes are offered to teams of 30 players called guilds.
  • It is also possible to play individually, but even in that case, it is better to create a personal guild.
  • If you are not a member of a guild, there are significant disadvantages in terms of upgrade. It is better to join a guild that is as strong as possible. In terms of in-game currency, a guild with a high rank in the game can generate benefits in excess of 1 million emeralds per year.

About Events

  • Events exist in the game and can be used for efficient training.
  • Some events are held frequently, some only once, and some only once a year.

About the Beach skins

  • At this point, this is the only element that can only be obtained by paying for it, and once you forgo it, you can’t get it again.
  • There are four heroes available, not including the most mainstream heroes as of 2023. However, the beach skin of the hero named Lian is important, so you should carefully decide whether you need it or not.

About playing time

  • Major content such as guild battles and guild raids have a limited number of challenges. The amount of time spent playing per day depends on the player, but 20 to 30 minutes is considered to be the most common.
  • There is almost no content that can be played for unlimited time. The game gets stronger in proportion to the number of days played, but not in proportion to the amount of time played.
  • Because chat and battle verification can be unlimited, there is a certain percentage of players who play several hours each day. This creates a difference in player skill that has nothing to do with power

Is it fun after all?

  • It depends on the person. A nurturing game, a puzzle game, a team battle game. It’s a mixture of all these elements.
  • Personally, I have been playing for over 2 years!

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