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Explanation of Advertisements in Hero Wars

Hero Wars features a variety of advertisements, and it is important to understand the differences and similarities between the ads and the actual game. As someone who has played Hero Wars for nearly three years, I will provide an explanation

Hero Wars ads and games are so-so on the same point

Regarding the pin-pulling game

  • The pin-pulling game does appear in Hero Wars.
  • However, it is not a central gameplay element but rather an additional feature.
  • If you wish to play it multiple times, you will need to create a separate account on a different server.
[Hero Wars Guide] pin_pulling game_1

Regarding the Tower game

  • Hero Wars does have a game mode called Tower, but it is different from the advertised tower game.
  • Currently, an advertised tower game is being tested with a limited group of players, and it is not guaranteed to be available as a public feature in the future.

Regarding various mini-games

  • While not identical to the advertised games, Hero Wars does offer limited-time mini-games during various events.
  • These mini-games include activities like picture-matching puzzles, neuron games, and monster slots.
  • They are not accessible at all times and can only be played during specific events.
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The puzzle elements are the core of the game

  • The primary gameplay element in Hero Wars is the 5 vs. 5 hero battle known as Hero Wars.
  • In this mode, the attacker strategizes by combining their heroes’ abilities in a puzzle-like manner to defeat the defender’s heroes.
  • For example, a hero like Yasmine, with fast attack speed and a multi-attack special attack, can be countered by using Helios, a hero who can retaliate based on the number of times they are attacked.

Differences between the game and the Hero Wars ads


  • While Hero Wars does have animations, they may not be as impressive as those shown in the advertisements.
  • But let’s say that the animation of this game is still well done …?

The same game as advertised is a bonus

  • Hero Wars is not solely focused on the gameplay featured in the ads.
  • The advertised game appears sporadically as part of the overall game’s storyline progression.
  • If you expected to play the advertised game exclusively, you may feel disappointed.

Many of the mini-games from the ads are absent

  • Hero Wars has faced criticism for featuring a wide variety of advertisements, some of which showcase mini-games that are not actually present in the game itself.
  • These mini-games are typically exclusive to the ads.
  • While Hero Wars does offer various game modes to enjoy, it is clear that the game was not designed as a collection of mini-games solely for advertising purposes. If you were enticed by the ads and expected a plethora of mini-games, you might feel deceived.

Please note

Please note that while Hero Wars provides an engaging gaming experience, it is essential to manage expectations and understand the distinctions between the advertised content and the actual gameplay.

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