Great Dungeon Go

Great Dungeon Go: An Overview

  • Great Dungeon Go, developed by Nexters (known for Hero Wars), is a Dungeon Rogue RPG tailored for smartphones.
  • The story where the familiar Galahad from Hero Wars rescues Aurora can be considered a spin-off of Hero Wars.
  • Keep an eye out for a cameo appearance by Rian!
  • This is a straightforward dungeon exploration RPG primarily designed for a younger audience compared to Hero Wars.
  • The game made its debut around 2022. On October 27, 2023, Hero Wars: Alliance (the smartphone version) initiated a time-limited campaign, garnering recognition among Hero Wars enthusiasts.
  • As of October 2023, no campaign has been launched for Hero Wars: Dominion Era (PC version). However, considering recent trends, such a day may be on the horizon.
  • While Great Dungeon Go supports multiple languages, Japanese language support is not available as of October 2023. This limitation may not significantly impact gameplay due to minimal text.

How to proceed

How to Start Great Dungeon Go

  • Download Great Dungeon Go from either the App Store or Play Store.
  • Click “OK” to commence the game once three disclaimers, including information sharing with third parties, are displayed.
  • You’ll be prompted to enter your Hero Wars ID. Please note that this integration applies exclusively to the mobile version.

Collaborative Rewards with Hero Wars: Alliance (Mobile Version)

  • Unlocked upon clearing stage 15.
  • All rewards can be acquired by playing for approximately an hour without specific objectives in mind. No payment is required, though in-game advertisements will be present.

Campaign’s Official Message

  • Hero, I think I’ve figured out where Aurora is! These dungeons are not in Dominion at all
  • Aurora is being kept in the world of Great Dungeon Go, and she needs your help! Get ready to help Galahad save her from dangerous orc dungeons! For helping Galahad and Aurora in Great Dungeon Go you’ll receive a reward in Hero Wars: Alliance! You in?
  • Reach level 5, 10 and 15 in Great Dungeon Go until November 1 and get rewards in Hero Wars: Alliance: a unique frame, avatar and new seasonal outfit for Galahad! You will find your prizes in your in-game mailbox.
  • To get the rewards, don’t forget to enter your Hero Wars ID when you first open the Great Dungeon Go game.

Post-Stage 15 Clear Strengthening Status

Screen Display after Clearing

How to Play Great Dungeon Go

  • Utilize in-game gold to enhance the main character’s abilities as you progress.
  • In the initial stages, prioritize augmenting attack power.
  • Gold can be acquired from defeating monsters, opening treasure chests, and achieving clear rewards. Additionally, you can earn substantial amounts by watching advertisements.

Game Play in Dungeon

  • Inside the dungeon, navigate by tracing your finger on the screen. Ensure your finger remains on the screen during combat or movement.
  • Press the compass symbol for a compact map display.
  • With advancing levels, three special moves at the screen’s bottom become accessible. These moves entail activation time delays and cooldown periods. There is no penalty for waiting for the cooldown to elapse.
  • Although Galahad’s normal attack may seem ranged, it targets a single opponent.
  • Beware: if Galahad faces the wrong direction, he won’t initiate the attack.

The Dungeon Experience

  • Difficulty rises with each subsequent level. Expect formidable monsters, traps, key chambers, and heightened challenges.
  • As you progress further, equipment accumulation becomes more substantial.
  • In case of setbacks, gather gold for equipment enhancement, facilitating dungeon clearance.
  • Skillful evasion of opponent attacks minimizes damage.
  • Lower the difficulty by allowing stamina recovery over time and judicious use of special move gauges.

Daily Quests

  • Earn daily rewards by completing quests.

Pay to Win

  • Although there is a user charge store, it is largely optional.
  • The game’s monetization strategy primarily involves viewing in-game advertisements (note that information sharing with third parties plays a significant role in this strategy).
  • The user interface empowers users to choose when to view advertisements, rather than enforcing mandatory viewings.

In-Game Ads

  • Players can amass substantial gold reserves by viewing advertisements upon stage completion.
  • The in-game store features an ad section, offering the option to earn gold by replaying ads instead of making direct payments or expending gems. Please note that there is a daily limit on ad replays.
  • Within stages, a recovery fountain is available. Here, HP can be restored using Gems or by watching ads.

Stage completion

Recovery fountain

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