[Hero Wars Guide]Beat Sebastian: Effective Counter Strategies

Necessity and Importance of Sebastian’s Countermeasures

  • In the current meta, Sebastian is the most frequently deployed hero in defensive teams. Therefore, having a strong grasp of countermeasures against Sebastian proves to be extremely effective.
  • What countermeasures can be employed to defeat Sebastian? Depending on the lineup, there may be certain cases where they can be overlooked.

Pushing through

Pushing through with Physical Damage

  • There are strategies to overcome heroes like Dante Tank, Ishmael, and others reliant on physical damage.
  • It’s worth noting that Sebastian possesses formidable armor and can be further bolstered by Oliver’s patron.
  • Compared to other approaches, this method tends to be less stable and often hinges on luck.

Pushing through with Pure Damage

  • Sebastian’s relatively low Health makes it feasible to defeat him with pure damage.
  • Notably, Sebastian is susceptible to Yasmine, Heidi, and Maya‘s poison damage, making it a highly effective tactic.
  • Attacking Sebastian with Albus, who targets opponents with the highest Health, can be challenging. It’s crucial to select a method that effectively targets Sebastian even with pure damage.

Pushing through with Magic Damage

  • Sebastian’s magic defense and Health are not exceptionally high, rendering him susceptible to magic damage.
  • Amira, in particular, can neutralize Sebastian’s critical support while inflicting potent magic damage. This makes it an effective strategy both offensively and defensively, positioning it as a strong counter.
  • Orion‘s magic attacks can be challenging to direct at Sebastian directly and often require coordination with Aurora.

Disabling Debuff Cuts

  • Sebastian’s debuff cuts do not negate Yasmine’s poison, Amira’s hostile buffs, or Phobos’ first skill (note: Yasmine’s poison can be negated by Celeste or Nebula).
  • Employing an attack that circumvents Sebastian’s debuff cuts increases the probability of a successful strike.

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Saturating Debuff Cuts

  • Sebastian’s debuff cuts are capped at 15 per skill activation.
  • Leveraging a saturation tactic by applying a large number of debuffs proves to be effective.
  • These tactics are generally more reliable than relying solely on high damage and find extensive use in top guilds, especially in CoW and guild fights where players refrain from attacking until they can secure a means to win 30 consecutive games. It stands as one of the most effective solutions against Sebastian.

Biscuit’s Patron

  • Biscuit’s Patron effect introduces recovery inhibition upon attacking, and this effect counts as a debuff.
  • Hence, patronizing Biscuit with a hero with multiple attacks can serve as a valuable Sebastian counter.
  • The Biscuit combo of Cleaver, Corvus, Rufus, Kayla, Maya, Orion, Judge, Lian, and Helios is frequently utilized (Heidi and others can also be effective but are more challenging to organize and less commonly used).
[Hero Wars Guide] Beat Sebastian Case_BISCUIT

Patrons of Vex

  • Vex‘s Patron is equally or even more effective than Biscuit!
  • This is particularly evident when patronizing a hero with numerous summons, like Keira or Ginger, where it serves as an effective counter to Sebastian.
  • The challenge lies in the limited number of heroes that can be patronized by Vex.

Lian + Axel Combo

  • When damage is dispersed via Axel’s team formation, Lian’s charm is triggered for all attacks during the damage dispersion.
  • This combo can also be synergized with Biscuit’s Patron effect.
  • It proves to be particularly effective under conditions where the opponent’s firepower can be deterred to some extent, and the Accel barrier can be maintained.

Neutralizing Attacks

  • Sebastian’s debuff cut isn’t consistently active like Khorus, but rather is activated by his first skill.
  • Sebastian’s passive skill accumulates a gauge at the start of battle, thereby fixing the timing of the first skill activation to some degree.
  • As a result, attackers can deploy disabling attacks to thwart the activation of Sebastian’s first skill.
  • It was once a highly effective tactic, but with the introduction of red artifacts, its application is now confined to very specific scenarios.
  • It can still be employed in certain cases if Sebastian’s patron is Oliver, or if Sebastian’s red artifact has not been upgraded.

4th Faceless

  • When defending with Sebastian in the 4th position, the attacker deploys Faceless in the 4th position as well. This perfectly aligns Faithless’ second skill with Sebastian’s first skill activation, disabling Sebastian’s debuff cut.
  • Though this consumes the skill gauge, the debuff cut remains untriggered, leaving the attacker in a position of power.
  • There are five essential conditions for this strategy to succeed. It’s effective only if all of the following criteria are met: 1) the total number of tanks, 2) the presence of Andvari, 3) the defender Sebastian must possess a certain level of physical attack, 4) the attacker Merlin must have a certain level of power, and 5) the attacker Faithless’ second skill must be at level 130.

3rd Daredevil

  • Introduced in 2023, this formation brought prominence to the Daredevil strategy. When Sebastian, the defender, occupies the third position, the attacker situates their Daredevil in the third position as well. This perfectly aligns the daredevil’s second skill with Sebastian’s first skill activation, causing Sebastian’s debuff cut to fail.
  • There are two key conditions for this strategy to work. Sebastian must have a certain level of physical attack on the defending side, and the second skill of the attacker’s Daredevil must be at skill level 130.
  • This alone provides only temporary relief, so it’s often employed in conjunction with the 4th Faceless strategy.


  • Depending on the opponent’s team composition and strategy, Sebastian can also be effectively marginalized as an attacker.
  • In many instances, defeating the primary damage dealers first makes Sebastian less formidable.
  • However, complete disregard for Sebastian often leads to instability. Therefore, it’s generally advisable to combine multiple countermeasures against Sebastian to ensure a victory. It’s recommended to incorporate Sebastian countermeasures into your repertoire in the pursuit of victory!

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