[Hero Wars Guide]Why is Sebastian in the 3rd?

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Why is Sebastian’s position chosen for the third?

  • If you look at the defence team of many top players, Sebastian has the highest percentage of being placed in the third position in the lineup order!
  • It is a choice for reasons that make it difficult to place him in any other position.
  • Here is an explanation of why it is difficult to place him in other positions, based on our understanding of the current situation.

Why Sebastian’s position is not 1nd

  • In a defense formation, the first position should be a hero with some durability, or else you will be defeated by firepower.
  • Aidan can provide a certain degree of durability, but the advantage of Sebastian tank is limited to when attacking.
  • The advantage of placing Sebastian tank is that he can cutting debuffs first. However, if you place extreme emphasis on debuff cuts, you will be beat in with firepower!

Why Sebastian’s position is not 2nd

  • The most common way to successfully defend is to have a firepower. The easiest response is to employ a strong physical DPS.
  • The reason why magic DPS are not chosen for defense team is that they are often easily exploited by Isaac.
  • When a tank and a physical DPS are deployed, these two are usually positioned in front of Sebastian. In other words, they just don’t often come second naturally when considering the overall balance.
  • In some patterns, such as a defense formation incorporating Iris and Heidi, Sebastian may be in second position.
  • It is just that there are many other overall reasons to prioritize it. it is as good a choice as the third position.

Why Sebastian’s position is not 4th

  • When Sebastian, who is above a certain power, is placed in 4th position, a pattern exists where the attacker’s power throw of the faceless placed in 4th position and the timing of Sebastian’s first skill activation mesh perfectly.
  • As a result, Sebastian’s debuff cut will be defeated and everyone will be stunned!
  • If you are targeted by an player who knows this pattern, there is no point in including Sebastian, so defence team tend to avoid Sebastian in the fourth position.
  • This is not the case if the Andvari or Dante tanks are used with the 4th faceless. Except for the faceless problem, 4th is the most ideal choice and used to be heavily used!

Why Sebastian’s position is not 5th

  • Placing Sebastian in 5th position targets the attack pattern that crushes Sebastian first by the back attack of Cleaver, Jhu,  Jorgen. Especially, Jhu has a high possession rate among players due to its response to the guild raid, and Sebastian will be the first to be taken down!
  • Also, due to Sebastian’s lineup order, there are not many heroes that can be combined with Sebastian in the fifth position. This is also the reason why strong defense formations are limited!
  • Although not as much of a disadvantage as the 4th position, for the above reasons, we do not expect much success in defense, which is why we do not place him in the 5th position.

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