[Hero Wars Guide]Which Support to Upgrade in 2023

[Hero Wars Guide]Which Support to Upgrade in 2023


Which heroes should you choose to upgrade in Hero Wars 2023?
Here we describe the main candidates for the Support role.
We hope this will help you choose the heroes you will upgrade in the future.

Especially in the battle against opponents, the support heroes are highly dependent on their status.
When you want to concentrate on DPS, you don’t have much to do at the beginning of the game.
It is only in the latter half of the game, when it is no longer possible to fight well just by raising DPS, and when it becomes important to assemble a team, that the true value of the support heroes is demonstrated.



  • It’s rare to find a hero in this game that universally demands attention, except for one – Sebastian.
  • If Astaroth is the undisputed top tank and Martha holds the title of the best healer, then Sebastian claims the throne as the premier support hero.
  • Sebastian’s primary role revolves around debuff removal and bolstering critical buffs.
  • While he’s primarily associated with physical teams, his exceptional debuff-cleansing abilities make him a versatile asset in magic-centric lineups as well.


  • Following closely behind Sebastian, Isaac garners high recommendations from players of all levels.
  • He provides vital support to physical attack teams and effectively counters all forms of magic attacks. With Isaac by your side, challenging opponents like ODH, Twins, and Celeste become more manageable. He’s indispensable for conquering Guild Raids against Osh.
  • It’s important to note that Isaac struggles against non-magical assailants like Iris, Heidi, and Cornelius.
  • Isaac is a late bloomer, heavily reliant on Health and physical attack prowess. It’s advisable to prioritize his development as the 6th hero or beyond. Magic defense isn’t a priority, and managing armor penetration helps optimize his performance.


  • Fafnir is a versatile member of physical teams, straddling the line between support and control, contributing actively to both offense and defense.
  • Unlike most support heroes who often occupy the middle guard positions and are prone to taking damage, Fafnir stands as a robust rear guard. This inherent durability makes him a user-friendly choice even for those with minimal experience. He’s a top contender for the first hero slot, especially for novice players.
  • With focused development of just his first skill and the primary artifact, Fafnir swiftly becomes a valuable asset in live battles. He’s particularly effective in the second army during Grand Arena clashes.
  • His synergy with most physical DPS heroes is exceptional, especially when paired with Ishmael, establishing him as an indispensable partner.
  • Consider him a prime candidate for utilizing the Hero Soul Stone Chest.


  • Nebula boasts unparalleled support capabilities, contributing significantly throughout battles. However, her healing prowess is somewhat modest.
  • If you’re torn between choosing Sebastian or Nebula, Sebastian should take precedence.
  • The Nebula and Sebastian combo is a fan-favorite for amplifying physical DPS output, often affectionately referred to as “Nebus.”
  • Although not directly compatible with Sebastian, Nebula thrives alongside wizards such as Heidi, Orion, and Celeste, forming a high-speed attack team.
  • Nebula, with her mastery of physical attack stats, offers a potent boost to two adjacent heroes, allowing for strategic deployment with less experienced allies.


  • Morrigan stands as a formidable counter to Astaroth and Rufus.
  • While her support role is narrowly defined, she has gained prominence due to Rufus Dante’s widespread popularity.
  • Morrigan’s melee magic attacks complement well with Iris and Cornelius, both sharing the same magical offensive orientation. Additionally, she forms a formidable father-daughter duo with Corvus.
  • Morrigan places fewer demands on power compared to her support counterparts, making her an attractive early-game investment.
  • It’s worth noting her slower attack speed and delayed artifact activation. For optimal armor penetration buffs, you may consider alternatives such as Elmy or Qing Mao.


  • Although seldom seen in player-versus-player scenarios, Cornelius offers versatility that shines in various settings, particularly as a solution for healer-heavy campaigns.
  • Elevating his color level and skill proficiency often yields tangible results, rendering him a user-friendly choice in a variety of scenarios.

In Conclusion

While other heroes not mentioned here possess their unique appeal, prioritizing heroes with active roles can significantly impact your in-game advantage. We trust this guide will facilitate your informed hero selections, ultimately enhancing your Hero Wars experience.


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