[Hero Wars]Isaac

[Hero Wars]Issac Spring Skin

About Isaac

  • Isaac is a highly recommended hero for all players, alongside Sebastian.
  • He provides support for physical attack teams and is effective against magic attacks.
  • It is advisable to prioritize training Isaac after the sixth member of the team rather than as the first.

Advantages of Isaac

  • With Isaac, defeating Orion, twins, and Celeste becomes easier.
  • Isaac is essential in guild raids against Osh. The absence of Isaac results in a difference of 100 million damage in the final individual score.
  • Since many control heroes are magic attackers, Isaac becomes indispensable in certain situations when facing CoW engineers.
  • In anti-magic team fights, having a well-trained Isaac greatly increases the chances of winning. Compared to other anti-magic attack heroes, he possesses additional strengths.
  • Isaac can form an attack team with Rufus and Thea, providing specialized countermeasures against anti-magic teams.
  • His First Artifact is Armor Penetration, which compensates for physical DPS that is weak against magic. Isaac has good synergy with Yasmine and Dante.
  • Training Isaac is more cost-effective than it appears due to his low requirements for unnecessary stats. Glyph and Skin for magic defense are almost unnecessary at level 0, and Armor Penetration Skin are also not required.

Disadvantages of Isaac

  • Isaac is not a direct counter to magic users but rather to magic attacks, although this is sometimes misunderstood. He cannot counter wizards like Iris, Heidi, or Cornelius who lack magical attacks.
  • Isaac is not a counter to Iris, Heidi, or Lian; in fact, Heidi and Lian are counters to Isaac. The Dante/Isaac combination, in particular, tends to struggle against the Heidi/Lian combination.
  • Using Isaac against a defense team that lacks both magic DPS and Celeste can hinder the performance of the entire team. Including Isaac in such a scenario carries a high risk of attack failure and should be reconsidered.
  • Isaac’s effectiveness heavily relies on high Health and physical attacks.
  • While Isaac serves as a counter to magical attacks, his effectiveness is limited at low power. He starts to become effective from around 150,000 power.
  • He is a strong counter to twins, but if his power is lower than the opponent’s, he cannot secure a victory. Despite being a counter, he lacks the ability to defeat significantly stronger opponents.
  • His fourth skill provides a powerful overall attack, but the 1st skill’s 1st and 2nd attack do not deal damage.

Flavor Text

Hey, mages! Behold my new invention! Walk up to see it for yourself! I’m not a big fan of walking, you see. I prefer working out my brain, and not my legs! My beloved little self-propelled vehicle Tes’Lin, will get me anywhere and everywhere, spawning drones and spelling trouble for mages! I’m a damn genius!


Tes’Lin’s Overdrive

  • Each attack charges Tes’Lin up by 10%. When the Charge reaches 100%, Isaac can activate her first ability: Tes’Lin emits an electromagnetic impulse, silencing all enemies for 4 seconds.
  • Chance to apply debuff is lowered if the target’s level is above 130

MP-300 Capacitor

  • Tes’Lin’s Magic Power Capacitor absorbs a portion of any magic damage taken by Isaac and his allies, transforming it into her Charge. The amount of Charge Tes’Lin gains is 4 times the energy allies would have received for taking that damage.
  • Absorbed magic damage from Isaac: 69.282 (0.012% Health + Level x 0.05  + 10)%
  • Absorbed magic damage from allies: 19.495 (0.003% Health + Level x 0.01 + 5)%

Drone Swarm

  • If Tes’Lin’s Overdrive is activated more than once during a battle, she also spawns Drones on all subsequent activations. The Drones boost Physical attack of allies for 8 seconds. The boost is doubled for allied Engineers.
  • Physical attack bonus: 12,641 (12% Physical attack + Level x 10 + 110)

High-Voltage Module

  • If Tes’Lin’s Overdrive is activated more than twice during a battle, a high-voltage module is triggered on all subsequent activations, damaging all enemies.
  • Damage: 111,293 (110% Physical attack + Level x 50 + 2,010)



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