[Hero Wars Guide]Lunar Skins

[Hero Wars] Lunar Skins 2024

Guide and List of Lunar Skins


The rating indicates the importance of the target hero. Please refer to the tier list for the target hero’s tier.

JetHealthCThere aren’t many situations where Jet Health matters.
JudgeMagic AttackBIt means a certain amount to the judges. But they are not DPS or healers to begin with. Increasing durability is a priority.
PeppyMagic penetrationCIt makes some sense for Peppy. But Peppy could be an Energy provider if buffed halfway.
Dark StarArmor penetrationSDark Star is a supporting attacker. Armor penetration is an important stat.
AstarothMagic AttackDMost of the time, victory or defeat is the same with or without that skin. I don’t think it’s worth spending Skinstone. Even if you have extra skinstone, you should save it.
HeidiMagic AttackSHeidi’s base damage is low, and firepower is a top priority.
MojoHealthAMojo is weak against hits. Without this skin, there will be more cases where he gets knocked down without being able to activate his skills.
AndvariHealthAAndvari is a hero that is often used in a lead position. He is not a very durable hero compared to tanks, and in general it is better to increase his Health. On the other hand, when setting up a Kirkkiller in the third position, it is strictly forbidden to acquire it.
FoxArmor penetrationBFox is a hero that can be taken down quickly despite his backward placement. Armor penetration is useful, but Health skin is even more important.
AlbanorArmorBAlbanor is often placed in the first or second position. It is better to raise his Armor as much as possible to ensure a reliable position.
ChabbaMagic DefenceXWhen Isaac is exposed to less magic damage, the crucial skill activation is delayed. For this reason, it is said that stretching him makes him weaker. It’s also said to be a skin that makes it harder to win instead of giving you apparent power.
IsaacPhysical AttackBIt is better to have it because it increases the Pure damage of Chava. However, improving tanking performance is a priority.
CorvusMagic DefenceCThere is a benefit to increasing magic defense, but it is not as important in the current environment.
MorriganArmorANecessary when putting Morrigan at the front of the line. Otherwise, it’s less important.
Mushy and ShroomHealthABecause he is somewhat of a weak hero, there are many situations where she is needed except when using combos with Aidan.
CleaverMagic DefenceCThere is a benefit to increasing magic defense, but it is not that important in the current environment.
LianHealthACan increase the durability of Lian Solo.
OrionHealthAOrion often does a lot of damage stun due to his low Health. This reduces that situation. On the other hand, if you choose to protect with Axel’s Patron + Dorian while your team pet is Khorus, you will be at a disadvantage because of the delay in activating the skill.

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