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List of Dark Depths Skins


The rating indicates the importance of the target hero. Please refer to the tier list for the target hero’s tier.

K’arkhMagic DefenceCIn the current meta, lacking substantial magic defense isn’t a significant concern for K’arkh.
SatoriArmorAThis skin is crucial for scenarios like defeating Dante with Satori.
PhobosMagic AttackAPhobos’s performance is entirely contingent on magic attack for all skills. Additionally, the importance of status surpasses other control factors.
CorvusPhysical AttackCWhile it does influence some skills, physical attack isn’t the primary focus for Corvus, and the effect is marginal.
MorriganMagic AttackCWhile all of Morrigan’s skills hinge on magic attack for optimal performance, she isn’t a hero where stats are paramount. Consider this skin if you aim to master the undead team.
SebastianArmorBThis skin significantly impacts Sebastian’s survivability. It’s not the highest priority, but could be worth considering once you’ve finished training your DPS heroes.
AndvariArmorSThis skin is vital for Andvari’s survival strategy, especially if you want him to lead as an offensive tank. It can even surpass the armor penetration of certain physical DPS heroes.
AlvanorHealthBAlbanor offers two training paths: either keeping his HP very low and disregarding some accidents or elevating his Health to a reasonable level for broader utility. If you choose the latter, this skin is worth considering.
TristanArmorBThe usefulness of this skin depends on how you utilize Tristan. However, it makes sense when facing teams with fewer armor penetration buffs.

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