[Hero Wars Guide]Satori

[Hero Wars]Satori


  • Introduced as the first ‘end-of-year hero’ in 2018.
  • A mage DPS hero who controls Fox Fire.
  • Counters energy-gaining skills (e.g. Jorgen, Ishmael, Cain’s patronage skill).
  • Applies the debuff “Fox Fire mark” to opponents and ignites it by using his first skill, dealing damage per Fox Fire marks.
  • Deserved the reputation as ‘ace-exclusive DPS’.

Satori’s Strengths and Team Formation Theory

  • By enhancing his two armor skins, Satori can be effective to counter physical teams, especially against heroes like Dante and Ishmael.
  • Works as a good couner to Cain’s Patron effect, making him a strong enemy against Dante in various scenarios.
  • When facing heroes who have energy-gaining skills, Satori rapidly attaches Fox Fire marks with explosive force, and which can be effectively utilized in Satori-tank team as well.
  • Khorus‘ debuff blocking skill cannot prevent Satori’s Fox Fire mark, and hence making it easier to defeat teams relying on Khorus but not Sebastian to counter debuffs.
  • Whilst teams using Sebastian can prevent the Fox Fire mark, there are many possible countermeasures. Satori synergizes well with Rufus, Maya, and Lian in these setups, particularly when team compositions utilize the Biscuit Patron effect as the factor for their effective collaboration.
  • He can defeat even stronger opponents with the right amount of Fox Fire marks, demonstrating his exceptional giant-killing capability.
  • The right timing of the first skill activation is the key point, making him compatible with manual operation but relatively unsuitable for auto operation.
  • Specializes in one-hit-kill magic attacks, a characteristic that proves advantageous in CoW’s high-difficulty buffed base attacks. He is especially effective to beat the defense teams of the ace of an opponent in Shooting Range and Engineer battles.

Satori’s Disadvantages

  • He is slightly weak against Isaac and extremely weak against Sebastian, and this makes him less suitable as a member of defense teams.
  • His ulitmate process is step-by-step; attaching debuffs and then igniting them by using his first skill, but this process can be interrupted since it takes some seconds. In the case, he cannot deal any damage if the debuffs are blocked or removed.
  • His attack process follows a step-by-step procedure and can be easily prevented by Sebastian.
  • While there are other mages who are easy to utilize like Orion and Iris, Satori is more challenging to use compared to such powerful heroes.
  • Sebastian is widely used by top players in their defenses teams, and this environment makes him easy to lose without being able to do anything.
  • For these reasons, Satori tends to require to players a better understanding of hero-battles compared to other heroes.
  • Whilst as we have seen so far he gives players challenges to master to use, he has an outstanding capability for high difficulty levels. For this reason, he may not be the best DPS overall though, he is loved by skilled players. These factors contribute to his “ace-exclusive DPS” rating: When you see a player who uses Satori to confidently break through the most well-defended base in CoW, possibly that player is the ace of the opponent guild!

Flavor Text

The night and the winter forest were the sole witnesses to a wild black fox and a newborn child sleeping, curled against each other for warmth to their final breath. Which of them made the choice, which gave up everything to save another’s living soul?


Ravenous Pack

  • The hero’s base attacks deal magic damage and apply Fox Fire marks to enemies. When the skill is activated, the enemies take damage for each mark applied to them.
  • Magic Damage for each mark: 76,393 (50% Magic attack + Level x 150)

Spirit Purification

  • Satori attacks all enemies, dealing damage and applying a Fox Fire mark.
  • Magic Damage: 48,764 (40% Magic attack + Level x 25)
  • Chance to apply Fox Fire marks is lowered if the target’s level is above 130

Eternal Wisdom

  • Each successful base attacks steals intelligence from the enemy and restores the hero’s health by 200% of the damage dealt. The intelligence steal is active until the battle ends and can’t be canceled.
  • Intelligence Steal: 260 (Level x 2 + 40)
  • Chance to steal intelligence and restore health is lowered if the target’s level is above 130

Imminent Reckoning

  • Satori applies 9 Fox Fire marks to enemies each time they gain bonus energy. The energy gained from damage dealt to a hero, using a base attack, using a skill, or killing an enemy is not considered bonus energy.
  • Chance to apply Fox Fire marks is lowered if the target’s level is above 130



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