[Hero Wars Guide]Maya

[Hero Wars] Maya

About Maya

  • A character with a pure damage attacking and healing role, specializing in slow warfare.
  • She is a half-giant, surprisingly durable for a Mage.
  • Classified as a Mage, but deals pure damage from poison, not magic damage. As a result, Isaac is unable to counter Maya’s attacks.
  • Highly effective when paired with control heroes and commonly used in high difficulty attacks.
  • Her 3rd skill draws enemies in and her 4th skill blocks their movement, allowing for easy combos with heroes like Jhu or Iris with switching targets, or using ranged attacks.
  • A hero with few outstanding strengths, but also few outstanding weaknesses.
  • While not well-suited for arena combat, she excels in Guild  Wars and CoW when part of a well-thought-out team.

Advantages of Maya

  • Boosting her armor stats through pet patronage enables her to endure physical damage with ease. Additionally, the magic defense buff helps her withstand magical attacks.
  • Combining Maya with Biscuit’s patronage, which increases armor, creates a potent synergy. Sebastian‘s debuff cuts are neutralized by Biscuit’s patron effect, making Maya a strong counter against Sebastian-supported teams. As a result, Maya is easily utilized in a supporting role for heroes like Satori, Arachne, and Jorgen.
  • Thrives alongside other slow fighter heroes and can dominate the battlefield when paired with Amira Phobos.
  • Particularly effective when teamed up with Arachne, forming a versatile lineup capable of defeating most Ishmael teams. In some cases, a 100,000-power Maya can defeat a 1,000,000-power opponent.
  • Her ability to control enemy positioning complements Jhu’s skills, allowing her to weaken vulnerable targets before finishing them off. This combo works wonders against Rufus Dante Iris’s team and other similar defenses, leading to 50 straight wins in some cases.
  • When teamed up effectively, Maya’s squad can easily secure victories on auto mode, earning her high praise from top players.
  • With proper strategy, she can be a giant killer even with lower power levels, making her valuable in key CoW positions, such as high difficulty or ace positions.

Disadvantages of Maya

  • Her attack development is slow, leaving her vulnerable to quick enemy assaults, often resulting in her inability to retaliate effectively. As a consequence, she is rarely used in defense teams. While she can be included in debuff or healer-specific teams to counter a variety of opponents, she struggles against Satori and standard Dante tanks.
  • Although she is a Mage, her placement relatively close to the front makes durability upgrades necessary when facing Dante. The lack of armor skins and Biscuit power can lead to power loss.
  • While she possesses healing abilities, she falls short compared to heroes like Martha or Thea. Instead, she should be regarded more as a healer similar to Nebula.
  • Aggressively attacking with Albus’s patrons can be disastrous due to Maya’s average stats and slow movement. The front line may collapse before she can launch an effective attack.
  • As a pure damage DPS hero, she can benefit from Albus’s patronage but lacks the star power of heroes like Heidi. Maya’s strength lies in working with other heroes to control the battle situation, necessitating a detailed team design that suits the opponent’s defense. Mastery of several excellent attack formations is crucial.
  • Maya is most effective when paired with certain strong heroes, raising doubts about whether she is worth actively investing in. While these powerful heroes have winning strategies even without relying on Maya, she, on the other hand, requires the support of such strong heroes.
  • While her stability is appreciated, the effort required to develop her is justified. As a result, Maya’s knowledge is often regarded as restricted to the advanced players. The mystical image surrounding Maya is partly due to the complexities associated with discussing her intricacies.

Flavor Text

Maya is a child born against the laws of nature. Impossible love between a human and a titan fell as tears on the fertile ground, and gave birth to such a beautiful, and yet, powerful creature. 


Queen of Flowers

  • A magical flower grows around Maya, protecting her from any attacks. Unless it is destroyed, the flower will restore health of all teammates over time.
  • Health regen per second: 5,273 (3% Magic attack + Level x 10)
  • Flower health: 158,424 (100% Magic attack + Level x 200)

Toxic Pollen

  • Maya hits the most distant enemy with poisoned pollen that causes damage over time.
  • Poison deals 46,106 (25% Magic attack + Level x 100) pure damage per 6 seconds

Poisonous Bonds

  • Living sprouts entangle enemies on the far left and the far right, pulling them to each other and poisoning them.
  • Poison deals 46,106 (25% Magic attack + Level x 100) pure damage per 6 seconds

Queen’s Revenge

  • Now, when the magical flower dies, its roots entangle the nearest enemies, preventing them from moving and causing damage over time for 8 seconds.
  • Poison damage: 184,424 (100% Magic attack + Level x 400)



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