[Hero Wars Guide]Beach Skins

[Hero Wars Guide] Beach Skins

About Beach Skins

  • Introduced in 2023 to coincide with Eternal Summer Season 2. Available in the Limited Shop.
  • This is currently the only chance to obtain Beach Skins again.
  • Treatment-wise, it is similar to Winter Skins. It is expected that opportunities will be made available approximately once a year in the future.

Target Skins

  • The lineup includes past beach skins.
  • Beach skins newly introduced this year are not eligible.
  • Skins not featured this year will likely be obtainable in the future if you wait for a year.


  • The pricing for individual beach skins will be the same as regular skins.
  • There is no option to obtain Beach Skins with Skin Stones.
  • Currently, there is no way to get a Beach Skin without purchasing it.

Screen Display

  • This bundle will not be shown to those who already own the specific skin.
  • If someone does not own a part of this bundle, only the skin in question will be displayed.
  • Heroes that the player currently does not own will also be displayed on the screen. Moreover, it is possible to purchase them in advance.


  • Offered during the duration of Eternal Summer Season 2.
  • The store will be available for a limited time of 7 days, which does not cover the entire duration of the season. Please note that the store’s availability period is different from the length of the season.

Event History

  • August 2, 2023 (7 days)

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