[Hero Wars Guide]Eternal Summer Season 2 All Rewards

Eternal Summer Season 2 Rewards


LevelFreeGold Ticket
1Energy Recovery x3 (5days)1 Beach Satori Skin (> Beach Skins)*
250 Agility Skin Stone2,000 Titan Potion
330 Emerald500 Intelligence Skin Stone
4150 Titan Potion50,000 Gold
5200 Grand Arena coin100 Flawless Artifact Metal
620,000 Gold10 Rare enchantment rune
7150 Outland Coin1,000 Emerald
850 Strength Skin Stone1,000 Artifact Coin
930,000 Gold500 Agility Skin Stone
10200 Arena coin50 Flawless Artifact Essence
1160 Emerald1,000 Grand Arena coin
12250 Artifact Coin1,000 Arena coin
1340,000 Gold500 Strength Skin Stone
142 Summoning Sphere50 Flawless Artifact Scroll
1550 Intelligence Skin Stone5,000 Titan Potion
16250 Outland Coin500,000 Gold
17300 Titan Potion50 Titan Artifact Sphere
1850,000 Gold80 Huge EXP potion
192 Titan Artifact Sphere5 Summoning Sphere
20100 Emerald1,000 Agility Skin Stone
211 Pet Summoning Egg20 Chaos Core
223 Great enchantment rune1 Violet Equipment Chest
232,000 Essence of the Elements10 Rare enchantment rune
2475,000 Gold1,250 Emerald
251 Chaos Core2,500 Grand Arena coin
26300 Grand Arena coin10,000 Titan Potion
272,000 Pet Potion1,000 Intelligence Skin Stone
28500 Outland Coin2,500 Arena coin
29100,000 Gold1,000,000 Gold
30400 Artifact Coin7,500 Pet Potion
31150 Emerald1,000 Strength Skin Stone
32400 Titan Potion1,500 Emerald
331 A Mage Hero of your choiceEnergy Recovery x3(6 days)
345 Huge EXP potion3,000 Artifact Coin
35300 Agility Skin Stone15,000 Titan Potion
36400 Grand Arena coin1,500 Intelligence Skin Stone
37200,000 Gold10,000 Pet Potion
38500 Arena coin2,000 Emerald
39600 Outland Coin1,500 Strength Skin Stone
40300 Strength Skin Stone10 Pet Summoning Egg
41300,000 Gold3,000,000 Gold
42500 Artifact Coin1,500 Agility Skin Stone
43200 Emerald10 Summoning Sphere
441 Chaos Core30 Great enchantment rune
451 A Tank Hero of your choice1 Beach Rufus Skin *
464,000 Essence of the Elements7,500 Grand Arena coin
47500 Titan Potion2,500 Emerald
483 Summoning Sphere20 Chaos Core
49400,000 Gold10 Bottled Energy
5010 Huge EXP potion20,000 Artifact Coin
51250 Emerald3,000 Intelligence Skin Stone
52700 Arena coin5 Elemental Tournament Certificate
53300 Intelligence Skin Stone1 Orange Equipment Chest
54500,000 Gold5,000 Arena coin
55750 Outland Coin3,000 Agility Skin Stone
563 Titan Artifact Sphere5,000,000 Gold
57300 Emerald100 Titan Artifact Sphere
58600 Titan Potion30,000 Titan Potion
591 A Healer Hero of your choiceEnergy Recovery x3(10 days)
60500 Grand Arena coin500 Flawless Artifact Scroll
615 Summoning Sphere3,000 Strength Skin Stone
62700,000 Gold200 Huge EXP potion
635,000 Essence of the Elements30 Chaos Core
64500 Emerald1 Red Equipment Chest 2
655 Titan Artifact Sphere25 Pet Summoning Egg
661,000,000 Gold500 Flawless Artifact Metal
67800 Artifact Coin30 Bottled Energy
686 Great enchantment rune50 Great enchantment rune
693 Bottled Energy500 Flawless Artifact Essence
701 Hero Soul Stone Chest1 Beach Iris Skin *
71 –1 Eternal Summer Box5 Eternal Summer Box

If you already own the skin, you will receive 5,000 skin stones for the target hero’s main stats.


Violet Equipment Chest

[Hero Wars Guide]Violet Equipment Chest
[Hero Wars Guide]Violet Equipment Chest Inventory

Orange Equipment Chest

[Hero Wars Guide]Orange Equipment Chest
[Hero Wars Guide]Orange Equipment Chest Inventory

Red Equipment Chest 2

Equipment Chest Emerald Equivalent

Heroes or Soul Stones your choice

A Mage Hero of your choice

Summon at Star 2, or 30 Soul Stones.

Peppy, Satori, Cornelius

A Tank Hero of your choice

Summon at Star 2, or 30 Soul Stones.

Aurora, Rufus, Luther

A Healer Hero of your choice

Summon at Star 3, or 80 Soul Stones.

Markus, Maya, Celeste

Beach Skins

Beach Satori Skin

Beach Rufus Skin

Beach Iris Skin

Beach Skin List

Over Run Reward


Play Guide

Season Guide

Updates to Seasons Specifications

All Quests

Beach Skins (Bundle)


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