[Hero Wars Guide]Alvanor

[Hero Wars]Alvanor

About Albanor

  • Albanor is a legendary hero known for his role as the protector of the elven race. However, in Hero Wars, where adherence to tradition is key, a hero with an excessively strong background might not necessarily be exceptionally powerful.
  • In Hero Wars, new heroes don’t always live up to the hype, and Albanor was even referred to as one of the greatest underperformers of all time. However, with the reworking of Ishmael and the introduction of Aidan, the game dynamics have shifted.
  • He excels as a counter-hero against normal attacks, particularly showing potential as a counter to Ishmael.
  • He can be effectively utilized even at lower power levels.
  • While he offers good cost-effectiveness, he can be a bit unpredictable and may require more skill to handle. Both offense and defense with him require a certain level of expertise.
[Hero Wars]Alvanor

Strengths and Team Building Theory for Albanor

  • Albanor’s primary skill focuses on providing a barrier equivalent to 100% of his maximum Health. This Health can be further augmented by Aidan.
  • The Albanor-Aidan tank formation is robust and highly suitable for high-difficulty scenarios.
  • when Albanor is paired with Aidan, he can be effectively used against strong opponents like Ishmael and Dante, who are at their maximum power.
  • Albanor’s barrier is especially effective against heroes who rely on normal attacks as their primary damage source. It can serve as a counter against Ishmael, Jhu, Keira, and Kayla.
  • While Dante’s first skill can still deal damage through Albanor’s barrier, it effectively blocks Dante’s normal attacks. This leads to team formations that counter the double DPS threat of Dante and Ishmael.
  • The barrier’s performance isn’t powerful enough to stand alone; it requires an interlocking defense combo. While Aidan is the best match, adding critical disablement by Amira makes it easier to form a stable line of defense. Additionally, the Albanor/Amira/Aidan/Khorus combo is particularly effective in physical DPS battles.
  • Training can follow two policies: either keeping Health low at around 100,000 with a slight loss rate, or setting Health at 300,000 or more for stability. Either way, it’s flexible and doesn’t necessitate specialized training.
  • The first artifact focuses on magic attack, aligning well with DPS based on magic attack, such as Iris, Amira, Orion, and Heidi.
  • A team combining an Albanor tank and a Horus support is so well-suited that it can be considered one of the best solutions for countering Ishmael, particularly when he’s fully charged.
  • While there are various types of pets that can be chosen, Axel or Oliver are often considered the best choices, with others seeing little to no use.

Disadvantages of Albanor

  • Despite his special title as the “Grove Keeper” there are limited scenarios where using him would be advisable.
  • His Health recovery skill, while present, is minimal and doesn’t perform as strongly as one might expect from a primary healer.
  • Despite being classified as a Mage, his damage output is quite low, so he shouldn’t be relied upon as a primary source of damage.
  • In the current meta, Albanor isn’t a standout hero and requires synergies with Aurora or Aidan to truly shine.
  • Vulnerable in mixed teams with physical DPS, necessitating the presence of Iris or Orion for a more balanced lineup.
  • His effectiveness is tied to magic-based teams, limiting options against opponents like Rufus or Isaac who thrive in those scenarios.
  • Albanor tanks may face durability issues compared to dedicated tanks, sometimes succumbing to heavy damage and losing effectiveness. Pairing with a well-trained Khorus can mitigate this to some extent.

Flavor Text

Alvanor lay in slumber in an age-old shrine for thousand of years, waiting to be summoned to battle yet again. As he slept, he had a vision of sacred groves aflame in demonic fire, the putrid stench of the undead emanating from the ancient burial sites, and the triumphant roar of orcs over the battlefield. Alvanor unsealed the rune-covered gates and rushed out to save his people once more.


Under the Forest Canopy

  • Alvanor activates a runic barrier that protects all allies and absorbs 100% of the damage dealt by basic attacks.
  • Damage absorbed by the barrier: 541,076 (100% Health + Level x 100)

Wrath of Nature

  • Alvanor unleashes the Wrath of Nature on nearby enemies, dealing damage and decreasing their Magic Defense for 5 seconds.
  • Magic Damage: 62,019 (45% Magic attack + Level x 65)
  • Magic Defense decrease: 10,243 (8% Magic attack + Level x 5 + 70)

Rune of Life

  • Alvanor conjures a Rune of Life for 4 seconds that heals all allies once per second. While the rune is active, all allied Grove Keepers are healed twice as effectively regardless of the source of the healing.
  • Health restored to each ally: 62,669 (45% Magic attack + Level x 70 + 1,400)

Harmony of the Grove

  • All heroes protected by the runic barrier gain bonus energy for all damage absorbed. After the barrier disappears, it is triggered again on all Grove Keepers.
  • Chance to gain energy is lowered if the target’s level is above 130
  • Barrier capacity for each Grove Keeper on the team: 161,023 (30% Health + Level x 20 + 800)



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