[Hero Wars Guide]Kayla

[Hero Wars]Kayla

About Kayla

Flavor Text

What am I? A good-for-nothing daughter? A butcher to my own people? The last of the ashen elves, or a monster stinking with the filthy demon blood that flows in my veins? I have no answer, but I know Kayla and I have embarked on the path to bring Light and Hope to the Dominion! We’ll be walking down that path until I’m consumed by the fiery frenzy once more…


Phoenix’s Fury

  • Kayla launches a chakram that casts the Phoenix Glyph on enemies. The Phoenix Glyph applies Burn to enemies, dealing pure damage over 6 seconds. If the enemy is already marked by a Glyph, the Glyph explodes, dealing physical damage and the remaining pure damage.

Raging Sparks

  • Kayla’s basic attacks targeting enemies with a Phoenix Glyph strike out sparks that deal physical damage to nearby enemies.

Ruled by Fire

  • If Kayla’s health is over 60%, she leaps behind the farthest enemy’s back and self-ignites. In this state, she loses 2% of her max health per second while her basic attacks cast or renew Phoenix Glyphs. Once Kayla’s health drops below 30%, she stops burning and leaps back to her allies.


  • After Kayla stops burning, she becomes Overheated. She gains bonus Armor and Magic Defense while Overheated.

We’ve slightly adjusted her skills (in 2022.12.3)

We have news about Kayla — we’ve slightly adjusted her skills. Initially, Keyla was a little weaker than she was supposed to be, so today we’ve fixed that, and here are the changes:

  • The explosion damage from leveling up the “Phoenix’s Fury” skill has been increased: previously, each skill’s level up increased explosion damage by 100, but now it increases by 200.
  • The base damage of Raging Sparks skill has been increased: sparks now deal 140% of her physical attack as damage instead of 127%. Also, the damage of Raging Sparks now increases by 120 for each skill’s level up, instead of 100.
  • We’ve increased the base Armor and Magic Defense bonuses from Overheat: it now adds 35% of Physical attack to those stats instead of 30%.

All in all, Kayla now dishes out a little more damage and is a bit tankier than she was. Visit our official Discord server if you want to share your thoughts on these changes!

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