[Hero Wars Guide]Andvari

[Hero Wars] Andvari

About Andvari

  • Andvari: A Powerful Hero Linked to Earth’s Titans
  • While not classified as a traditional tank, Andvari plays a tank-like role, often referred to as a 0.5 tank or an offensive tank.
  • Originally introduced as a countermeasure during the peak of K’arkh‘s dominance.
  • His standout feature lies in his ability to nullify knock-ups and knock-backs, with his stun and barrier proving effective in various situations.
  • Andvari’s usage parallels that of Astaroth, although Astaroth is considered more user-friendly.

Andvari’s Advantages and Team Composition

Exploring Andvari’s Strengths and Ideal Team Compositions

  • Teaming up Andvari with a tank creates a 1.5 tank setup, commonly utilized, although consistent victory patterns remain elusive.
  • Despite not being a full-fledged tank, Andvari delivers tank-like performance.
  • His exceptional mid-line positioning and non-tank status shine brightest. Consequently, facing a Dante tank sometimes allows you to extend Dorian’s blood-sucking buffs to more heroes. For example, with Andvari at the forefront, you can target Heidi, Iris, and Lian with Dorian‘s Blood Sucking Buff when up against a Dante tank!
    (Sometimes it works well in other tanks, but more often than not, Andvari does so more so than other tanks.)
  • The first skill, dispersing stun onto the enemy vanguard, proves user-friendly and often performs admirably as a tank in a debuff-oriented team.
  • Andvari’s second skill, known for its potent knockdown shutdown, counters K’arkh, Kai, Faceless’ knock-up, Galahad, Dante‘s knock-backs, and even Lars and Maya‘s mobility abilities.
  • However, it’s essential to note that the second skill’s knock-up shutdown only protects Andvari and one other hero, not the entire team. Essentially, it shields the hero directly in front of Andvari. Yet, if Andvari assumes the lead position, the second hero becomes the target.
  • Typically, the most common strategy involves placing Andvari at the front to shield the second DPS from K’arkh and Lars.
  • When paired with Heidi, many teams effectively counter Dante K’arkh.
  • Collaborating with Isaac results in a robust counter against the twins, particularly when Isaac’s power is lacking.
  • Andvari often synergizes well with agile teams like Keira. Certain configurations designate him as the optimal tank for such lineups.
  • Incorporating a slightly underpowered Andvari into your team, positioning him second or later, effectively negates K’arkh’s knock-ups for two frames. Additionally, targeting the hero with the lowest Health for instant incapacitation through Axel’s Patron creates what is known as the “K’arkh Killer” formation. This formation can neutralize K’arkh, even in the absence of Dodge heroes or Mushy and Shroom.
  • Distinct from traditional tanks, Andvari boasts armor penetration, providing him with slightly higher damage output.

Andvari’s Limitations

Exploring Andvari’s Weaknesses and Limitations

  • While Andvari combines elements of tanking, control, and support, none of these roles are fully realized. This can lead to challenges in finding an optimal position in various scenarios.
  • His durability, compared to genuine tanks, is somewhat uncertain, and there are instances where he is prematurely incapacitated. It’s essential to consider that he lacks magical defense.
  • When utilized strictly as a support hero, the impact of his skills is somewhat underwhelming. In setups that don’t maximize his durability, he may struggle to deliver the desired results, making victory for the team a challenging endeavor.
  • In many cases, Astaroth serves as a compelling alternative with a higher success rate, often overshadowing Andvari’s utility. However, it’s important to acknowledge that there are situations where Andvari excels, although the degree may vary.
  • While Andvari possesses some armor-piercing capabilities, they are not fully developed. Furthermore, the damage inflicted by his skills is relatively subtle, preventing him from being strictly categorized as a firepower support hero. In fact, one could argue that Rufus‘ Pure damage skills hold more promise in this regard.
  • Despite featuring two types of stuns, their activation frequency is not particularly high, making them susceptible to countering by heroes like Sebastian.
  • The passive skill, Knockdown Disable, is not his fourth skill but rather his second. If Andvari is knocked down, this skill becomes inactive.
  • Notably, the protection provided by the second skill shifts to the nearest ally when the formation changes. Consequently, if the formation is disrupted, for instance, by an opponent like Cleaver, it may not function as intended.

Flavor Text

Andvari doesn’t like it when others call him a legend. He believes the Titan Artifacts he created are merely a necessity in the war against evil. However, his talent, honesty, and eagerness to work make it obvious that the element of Earth made the right choice!


Titan’s Fist

  • Andvari strikes the nearest enemy with a giant fist, dealing damage and stunning the target and nearby enemies for 3 seconds.
  • Physical Damage: 75,160 (110% Physical attack + Level x 100)
  • Chance to stun is lowered if the target’s level is above 130

Living Earth

  • Passive skill. While Andvari is alive, he protects himself and the nearest ally from displacement and knock-up effects, prioritizing the ally in front of him.
  • Chance to block a displacement or knock-up effect is lowered if the target’s level is above 130

Stone Grasp

  • Summons a stone hand that grabs the lowest-health enemy. The hand deals physical damage, stuns the target, and binds it to the ground for 2 seconds.
  • Physical Damage: 55,607 (80% Physical attack + Level x 80 + 1,600)
  • Chance to stun and bind is lowered if the target’s level is above 130

Nature’s Barrier

  • Covers a lowest-armor ally with a protective barrier that absorbs physical and pure damage. The hero protected by the barrier gains bonus energy for all damage absorbed.
  • Damage absorbed by the barrier: 180,990 (15% Health + Level x 150 + 6,000)



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