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List of Stellar Skins


The rating indicates the importance of the target hero. Please refer to the tier list for the target hero’s tier.

FacelessMagic AttackBWhile it is ideal in scenarios where Faceless serves as a firepower source, there are limited situations where Faceless is expected to do anything other than unleash powerful throws.
LutherPhysical AttackCLuther’s offensive performance is primarily ornamental, and in many cases, it’s advisable not to overextend it.
CorneliusHealthBCornelius’s survivability against Osh relies more on his Health than other heroes, prompting consideration of whether to boost his Health to some extent or not.
PhobosMagic penetrationSPhobos only possesses minimal magic penetration status, but when paired with this skin and Merlin, it truly comes into its own.
LilithArmorBLilith is often deployed for counterattacks using ranged attacks, withstanding skill assaults from Dante and K’arkh, making armor a necessary consideration whenever possible.
K’arkhArmor penetrationSArmor penetration stands out as the must stat for K’arkh, a genuine physical DPS
TristanArmor penetrationCTristan gains an armor penetration buff from the first artifact, which, in terms of his inherent stats, holds little significance.
MarkusMagic AttackAParticularly beneficial for those employing Jhu to target Dante tanks in a marker tank formation.
AndvariMagic DefenceCThe basic stat is disappointingly low and can only be relied upon in a limited number of situations. Moreover, in the current gaming landscape, the lack of magical defense doesn’t pose a significant issue.
SebastianHealthSSebastian, lacking in armor and Health, is susceptible to a losing pattern when initially defeated. Due to his skill nature, the rate at which he gains gauges is minimally affected by increased Health. Additionally, he withstands extra meteors in battles against Osh.
IrisArmorAIris’s armor maxes out at 28,734, and when combined with the 9,957 from Oliver or Biscuit’s Patron effect, slightly surpasses Dante’s armor penetration of 36,820. This condition proves advantageous in the current gaming environment.
FafnirHealthCFafnir, a highly durable hero with a rearward position, possesses no Health-dependent skills, thus limiting the reasons for seeking additional Health.

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Event Guide

Interplanetary Travel (Stellar Skins event)

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