[Hero Wars Guide]Sanctuary

[Hero Wars Guide]Sanctuary

What is Sanctuary?

  • Daily Event at the Lore Festival.
  • Completion is based on prior stock or use of Emeralds.
  • A different Event every day for 7 consecutive days.
  • Only two Quests include a Log in.
  • The prize is one of a 7-Color Doll Series, the “Doll of Loyal Companions”.
  • Time difference techniques are not covered.
  • Return efficiency is lower than other daily events

Flavor Text

Take a companion into your team. They have been created to fight Chaos and Dark!

Doll of Loyal Companions

Quest Contents

  • 1. Log in (MAX 1): Achieved by logging in to Hero Wars every day.
  • 2. Use Pet Summoning (MAX 50)  : Additional complete may be available for reword.

All Quests

Welcome Guest

Otherworldly Delegates

About additional complete

  • If you are short of both stock and Emeralds, you may be able to get an additional Pet Summoning Eggs by opening the “Doll of Loyal Companions” and complete quests!
  • However, it is safe to think of it as an additional chance when you are short of one.

Quest Efficiency about

  • Returns with rewards have been rearranged.
  • Regular rewards and Daily Quests are not included.
  • A summary of how much the +/gained from this event return to the Emeralds spent.
  • This is a description of the expected value based on statistics. The individual difference is about twice as large as the total.
  • For details of the rewarded Dolls, please refer to the link above.
  • SALE! efficiency varies depending on whether or not the.

Impact of the Sale!

  • In 2021, there is no Sale!, so the event you should use the Pet Summoning Egg you have accumulated.
  • 2022 is a sale! with a 20% discount, and therefore a good opportunity to spend Emeralds on Pet Summoning.
  • Quest efficiency will be listed with and without the sale! respectively.

Comparison of Sanctuary and The Great Storm

  • With 50 Pet Summoning Quests in common, the expected rewards for each are as follows.
  • Sanctuary (Doll of Loyal Companions) if you want Chaos Particles, and The Great Storm (Storm Legacy) if you want Pet Summoning Eggs.
  • Both are expectations based on past statistics, so individual differences will occur.
  • This table is based on if you choose the Storm Legacy. If you want a Pet Soul Chest, The Great Storm will take precedence. In any case, Chaos Particles or Pet Soul Stones. It comes down to the idea of which one you want.
Comparison Open 50 EggsSanctuaryThe Great Storm
Emerald equivalent6,6106,332
Pet Potion1,144782
Chaos Particle634334
Pet Summoning Egg412

The Great Storm

Should You use the Pet Summoning Eggs?

  • If you have enough stock, consider using it here because the ratio of returns is biased toward particles of chaos, which tend to be scarce.
  • If you can only do one of the two with The Great Storm make a decision based on the aforementioned comparison.
  • If the sale event is held at the same time, there is an incentive to prioritize the use of Emeralds.

Sale! is better to use Pet Summoning Eggs or Emeralds?

  • If using Pet Summoning Eggs in this event, there exists a strong incentive to use Emeralds if The Great Storm causes a shortage of Pet Summoning Eggs eggs. In that case, highly recommended if you have emeralds to spare.
  • In pet cultivation,Chaos Particles are always in short supply. Since normal means do not produce sufficient speed in upgrade Pets, the Player called “ace” may use Emeralds in pet-summoning eggs.
  • The Sale Event is the best time to use Emeralds in Pet Summoning. If this event is a further addition to the Sale Event, it is the best chance for those who want to be active in the Hero-battle.

Quest Efficiency List (In 2021, Not on Sale)

  • Open x10(2,500 Emeralds) -> 9 Dolls (1,803 Emeralds worth、72.1%)
  • 2 Open x10(5,000 Emeralds) -> 18 Dolls (3,605 Emeralds worth、72.1%)
  • 3 Open x10(7,500 Emeralds) -> 23 Dolls (4,607 Emeralds worth、61.4%)
  • 4 Open x10(10,000 Emeralds) -> 28 Dolls (5,608 Emeralds worth、56.1%)
  • 5 Open x10(12,500 Emeralds) -> 33 Dolls (6,610 Emeralds worth、52.9%)

Quest Efficiency List (In 2022, On Sale!)

  • Open x10(2,000 Emeralds) -> 9 Dolls (1,803 Emeralds worth、90.1%)
  • 2 Open x10(4,000 Emeralds) -> 18 Dolls (3,605 Emeralds worth、90.1%)
  • 3 Open x10(6,000 Emeralds) -> 23 Dolls (4,607 Emeralds worth、76.8%)
  • 4 Open x10(8,000 Emeralds) -> 28 Dolls (5,608 Emeralds worth、70.1%)
  • 5 Open x10(10,000 Emeralds) -> 33 Dolls (6,610 Emeralds worth、66.1%)


  • Sun, 05 September 2021 (1 day)
  • Mon, 05 September 2022 (1 day)

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