[Hero Wars Guide]Why Isaac’s Artifacts need attention

[Hero Wars Guide] Isaacs Artifacts

Isaac after the Red Artifacts implementation

After the implementation of the Red Artifacts (AF), Isaac‘s AF upgrade needs attention. Here are some of the key points.

Isaac in the Osh Level 160 Battle

  • In the battle of Osh Level 160, Isaac must adjust the speed of the orb destruction to earn buffs!
  • What is essential for this adjustment is to lower Isaac’s own Armor penetration to some degree!
  • Adjust your Armor penetration to around 23,000 by not growing any skins or artifacts. For example, do not grow an armor piercing skin and stop the second artifact at level 100. With these settings, the behavior is optimal for both automatic and manual use!

The level of the first artifact also has an optimal solution

  • In the Battle of Osh, Isaac is responsible for rationing armor penetration to Jhu and Cornelius with the first artifact.
  • This first artifact also works on Isaac himself. Therefore, overusing it causes the same problem as overusing the Armor penetration stat.
  • Therefore, it must not be too much for Isaac himself, and it must exceed the amount required by Jhu Cornelius. In other words, neither too low nor too high will help. The level has to be in the right range. This optimal solution is considered to be Level 118.

Effect of the first artifact by level

  • Level 100: Jhu can pierce armor after 5 skill activations.
  • Level 104: Cornelius can pierce armor after 5 skill activations.
  • Level 118: Jhu Cornelius can pierce armor after 4 skill activations (optimal solution)
  • Level 130: the orb is destroyed after activating the skill three times. Without sufficient buffs, Jhu Cornelius cannot deal enough damage.

Upgrade the level of the first artifact too high will limit guild choices

  • Many top guilds make this a top priority. We encourage guild members to limit Isaac’s artifacts in order to increase the guild’s raid score!
  • It’s important for individual players to decide their training approach, but disregarding guild recommendations can lead to consequences, including being rejected from guilds with such restrictions.
  • When considering joining a guild, it is also important to know if the guild restricts Isaac’s Artifacts. Many top guild lists this as a requirement for joining, and we have seen cases where people have been turned down for membership!

Isaac’s Artifact Ring Concept

What if someone has already been extended?

  • Starting in 2024, status resets will only be offered under limited circumstances.
  • You will have to wait for the game specifications to be improved ( > Related Articles)
  • If you have mastered manual operation, you may be able to find a certain solution, but at this point, even manual operation is limited to solve the problem of excessive training.
  • Perhaps there is a slight possibility that we can devise a new setup specifically tailored for artifact 130.
  • If it has been less than 24 hours since you elevated it, and you haven’t deployed it in defense or utilized it for any purpose, you may request a reset from support team.

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  1. Tom says:

    Is ring 130lvl still safe with maxed AP skin? I think that yes (still around 7000 armor on Osh so dmg is signigiciant decreased).

    • zero says:

      I don’t see a problem with the ring being 130, but I’ve never verified that it’s safe to extend the armor penetration skin.


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