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New PvP Event Postponed

  • The PvP (versus) event announced for March has been postponed to April.
  • They are preparing a teaser for the event. It seems that there will be some new elements.

Official Community Manager FAQ

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Status reset feature not yet developed

  • Q. this has already been asked several times, but to no effect so far, so let’s try again. Would it be possible to reset skins, glyphs, artifacts, ascension of heroes in the same way as the gift of elements? Many of us end up with heroes that are overdeveloped and paradoxically less performing than they would be if they were less powerful, and this was often due to mistakes made in the first few months of the game, when we didn’t yet fully understand its dynamics. It seems quite unfair not to have the opportunity to correct mistakes made earlier despite having invested even money in the game.
  • A. Hello! Oh, sorry, for some reason this message wasn’t copied to the Starboard and I missed it. Yes, we have repeatedly conveyed to the developers the desire for this leveling rollback feature, which many players have requested. They said they would look into it. This Monday, we reminded them once again, and they gave a clear response that there won’t be any development on this matter for now because other features are currently in progress. But if the situation changes in any way, we’ll inform you

Note: Because of the irreversible and significant effects of the Isaac Artifact in particular, we have made it known to the guild several times since the Red Artifact was implemented. We plan to publish an article on this in the future.

Nexters’ stance on the status reset feature and real case

  • Q. Hi Nexters. Your recent post saying the developers are not planning to work on the hero/titan respec feature due to other priorities, shows just how out of touch your developers are with what the player base (i.e. your paying customers) actually value.

    Do you not understand how important this is? Inability to correct past mistakes in levelling items, skills, glyphs, artifacts, ascension, titan skins, titan artifacts is possibly the single most demoralising aspect of the game for higher spenders. When people realise they have permanently and irreversibly gimped their account they eventually give up the game and stop paying your salaries.

    Let us give a few real life examples for both heroes and titans
    – Levelling up Health too much on Martha, Nebula will reduce the effectiveness of Asgard meta team
    – Levelling up Jorgen’s 3rd skill means he loses ability to kill the front line energy dependent threat like Dante
    – Levelling up Health too much on ult dependent heroes (e.g. Lian, Kai) can cause them to become entirely ineffective.
    – Levelling up Magic Defense on Isaac reduces damage output from Teslin.
    – Levelling up Isaac artifacts beyond 118,100,100 can reduce Asgard damage as defense spheres die too fast to stack Armor Pen from Artifact 1.
    – Levelling up Magic Defense on Rufus and Alvanor can reduce their effectiveness in certain situations
    – Levelling up Titan Artifact 1 and 2, and Elemental Armor/Attack skins on Dark/Light Titans will permanently make Tournament of Elements much harder without making the Lords any easier. The human opponents you get each round is based on your total titan power and this calculation is not subject to any cap. Therefore currently if you want to do well as possible in TOE, it is best to leave these artifacts and skins for light/dark titans alone to keep your total power under 3.5M. Note: There should be a cap at 3.5M in titan power in your TOE calculation to encourage people to max their titans. That would fix it.
  • A. We understand that many would like to see such a feature. However, this change is very complex and will affect many core gameplay mechanics, which, if not carefully considered, could lead to fundamental errors in-game balance. This will have a profound impact on PvP, completely altering the approach to group formation and hero selection. And until the developers are ready to take such radical steps without additional meticulous analysis of all possible aspects.
    I emphasize. Developers are not giving up on this idea. They continue to explore potential options. So, if it doesn’t happen in the coming months, it doesn’t mean that the developers won’t revisit it.

Will using cheat tools result in a ban?

  • Q. A former guildmate of mine has made me aware of (and he is using) this tool: Herowars Helper (Link can be asked for by CMs if required)
    I looked at it and the option it seems to provide seem to directly intercept and/or alter communication between client and server. That seems to me like it is cheating and is going too far. Among other things, it seems to allow:
    Returning a spent attempt upon defeat in the following types of battles (Adventure and Asgard Minion battles)
    Acceleration of battles even without Favor of Valkyries
    Infinite Prophecy Cards in Dungeons
    Give essentially infinite lives in your Brawl events
    Automate Titanite collection
    (and more)

    I’m not sure if it really does all of what it promises or even how it does it. But this seems to me like it would violate the TOA and clearly differs from other merely stats-collecting tools like Hero Wars Assistant.

    So my questions are:
    (1) Is Nexters aware of this “Addon”?
    (2) Is this “Addon” legal or tolerated with all its functions?
    (3) Do people using this “Addon” risk being banned?

    Just to clarify, I haven’t used it and wasn’t intending to. But seeing as this addon seems to be around for some time and people are seemingly not punished for using it, I thought I’d ask in advance for clarification.
  • A. Hi! You can familiarize yourself with the rules via this link.
    According to these provisions:
    1. The use of third-party programs to gain an advantage is prohibited.
    2. It follows that discussing these programs/methods is not encouraged on our official platforms.
    3. The use of such programs may result in a ban, and the developer is not responsible for any potential damage caused as a result of using such programs

Wish Crystal explanation is wrong

  • Q. Nexters, if I may raise one other matter. You say that when you are aware of poor wording causing issues you make the devs aware of it to prevent issues in the future. Let us examine just one real example. It has been mentioned multiple times over a long period that the wording on the wish insignia and wish crystal chests is wrong. It says you can choose the crystal when in fact you can only choose the level of the crystal but the actual crystal type is random. Considering people pay $ for these as packs, this is outright fraudulent, yet nothing has happened to update this.
  • A. At the last meeting with the developers, we reminded them of the importance of clarity in such formulations and requested a revision

Winterfest reward questions banned in the future

  • Q. I deeply appreciate your interest and various opinions on this issue.
    I think clever players may consider the Winterfest event to be end when we receive the reward, but I recognized December 31, 2 AM UTC as the end of the event, as stated in the Note.
    It was Nexters that made that misleading statement, and at least as far as the three of us who moved Server together are concerned, we recognized Winterfest ended on December 31, 2023 at 2 AM UTC.
    When I asked why my points were cancelled, Nexters only replied that they removed my Winterfest points because I transferred the Server. Finally, support team then did not accept any questions.

    So, I reached out to community managers on the news-discussion forum because the support team not only failed to respond logically but also finally ignored my questions.
    However, the community managers replied that they couldn’t interfere with the decisions of the support team.
    In such a situation, how do we ensure that such issues don’t arise in the future?
    Not only are they not responding to my questions, but they also aren’t providing any concrete solutions.
    I’m beginning to doubt if they’re just trying to brush the issue aside.

    I would like to ask Nexters again, when did Winterfest end?
    Where did you describe that ranking points will be canceled if players transfer servers before receiving Winterfest rewards?
    If it was a difference in interpretation, is the player responsible for the issue?
    How does Nexters plan to remedy such problems in the future?
    Could you please promise that you will announce the end time of the event and state the conditions for reward receiving?
    I only would like to confirm the established Winterfest event rules to get reward for the future event.
    Please answer sincerely.
  • A. The decision made by technical support is final. We’re sorry that he was left unsatisfied with this outcome, but it will not be changed. Therefore, we kindly request to cease discussing this matter in Starboard. We will not address it further, and any additional discussions on the topic will be removed from Starboard should they arise again. There is nothing productive for us to add here. At the same time, we will do our part to ensure that similar cases do not recur in the future.

What are the responsibilities of a Community Manager?

  • Q. Community Management. I read your last reply. You state you are a seperate department and are not the developers, and that you can’t resolve anything. you just forward stuff on to the developers for resolution. MAY i ASK YOU AN HONEST QUESTION ? wHAT DO YOU DO ? WHAT IS YOUR PURPOSE? WHY DO YOU EXIST ? Why can’t we just send our complaints to the department that actually does something ?
  • A. Hello. On our server, there is a massive flow of messages discussed across dozens of channels by hundreds of people. Starboard is primarily an informative tool. It helps community managers not to miss topics that concern players and to pass them on to the appropriate instance.

    Posting on and responding in the starboard does not guarantee an immediate resolution to any given issue, as much as we all would like it to. However, the information is addressed. Tasks are created to address critical problems, and suggestions for game development are added to wishlists, to eventually reach the development stage.

    The technical support department handles players’ technical issues. You can contact them through the in-game menu. They make the final decision on tickets.

    As for the responsibilities of Community Managers just to name a few: we’re here to provide a safe platform for constructive discussions, to clarify critical issues, gather players’ most important feedback, and to provide players with information that allows them to plan their in-game actions ahead. Providing news, fun activities and bonuses. And when there’s a replacement of an unpopular feature in the game, for example, when an unpopular quest in an event is replaced, the wording is updated to be clearer, players are given the opportunity to collectively choose the hero of the month or the hero of the next Emerald Coin Events – this happens thanks to the feedback that the community and support teams pass on to the developers.

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