[Hero Wars Guide]Weekly Report 2022.Week35

[Hero Wars Guide]Weekly Report 2022.Week35


The schedule of upcoming events has been posted on the official leak information.
As of now, 11 consecutive days of daily events are scheduled.
The seven consecutive days of traditional festivities are the same as last year, but the order was changed. And, from there seven more daily events will appear. (three of which are two per day).

Upcoming Events

Lore Festival

Daily Event[Hero Wars Guide]Series of events|HeroWars .fun (

Daily Event
  • 9/8 (Thu.) – 9/9 (Fri.): Elemental Synergy (1 day)
Daily Event x2
  • 9/9 (Fri.) – 9/10 (Sat.): Legacy of the Great Ones (1 day)
  • 9/9 (Fri.) – 9/10 (Sat.): Rainy Season (1 day)
  • 9/10 (Sat.) – 9/11 (Sun.): Guardians of Outland (1 day)
  • 9/10 (Sat.) – 9/11 (Sun.): Scorching Days (1 day)
  • 9/11 (Sun.) – 9/12 (Mon.): Foundations of Power (1 day)
  • 9/11 (Sun.) – 9/12(Mon.): Riotous Growth (1 day)

After Others

Official FAQ

Q. no iris yet ?

  • A. Amira and Iris will be available only in the Clash of Worlds Shop for now. Can’t guarantee that they won’t appear anywhere else at some point, but for the foreseeable future they will be obtainable only through the Clash of Worlds Shop
  • (Tip: Amira is also available in the Heroic Chest) -> 9.1 Deleted

Q. damn bush makes it hard to click the merchant

  • A. Didn’t think it is such a big of problem, I’ve managed to click on it just right 🙂 But yeah, still could be a problem for someone — don’t worry, we will cut it down soon!

Q. Will you please tell us when the next Legacy of the Great Ones event will be?

  • A. Can’t share a specific date, but Legacy of the Great One’s in active rotation and is scheduled already. But the closest one will be a little bit different! Hope you will be interested in other upcoming events

Q. I don’t understand how the math works on this “x2”

  • Q. I don’t understand how the math works on this “x2”, as compared to the original deal, seems like the “VALUE” is exactly the same, it’s just been shifted around by converting lower crystals into higher ones at a conversion rate determined by Nexters. But this sale makes it seem like you’re getting double for the same amount of money.
  • A. The value of new Ascension resources bundles is actually x2 compared to the previous one. The reason for that is the amount of Vibrant Crystals and Radiant Crystals in there, which are more valuable and harder to get, than regular Crystals. So in the Emerald equivalent the new bundles are much more valuable than the old ones. Also, we’ve heard the feedback regarding the misleading x2 emblem — it was supposed to stress that it’s twice as generous as before, but some people expect these bundles to have twice as many resources as shown in the bundle itself. We don’t want to confuse anyone, so we are planning to drop this “x2” element in the future bundles (maybe not the ones that are already “downloaded” and added to the files, though)

Q. The number of hero/titan teams a single guildmate can place limited?

  • Q. Previously, it was mentioned that each guildmate will place 3 hero teams and 2 titan teams on defense. That’s 90 hero teams and 60 titan teams. But this new piece of information says that the map will contain 60 hero teams and 40 titan teams on defense. Does this mean that the guild can assign their strongest hero teams and strongest titan teams no matter which guildmate’s teams they are or are the number of hero/titan teams a single guildmate can place limited? For example, can a player who is stronger than his guildmates place 5 hero teams and 3 titan teams while some of his other guildmates don’t place any of their heroes on defense?
  • A. The number of hero/titan teams a single guildmate can place is limited. The rules are pretty much the same as the current Guild Wars one. Each player can place up to 3 Hero teams and 2 Titan teams only for himself as a participant of Guild War. You cannot place your teams instead of someone else, but that doesn’t mean you are forced to place any – if 20 Guild members will put 3 Hero teams and 2 Titan teams you will fill all the fortifications needed for defense without engaging all 30 Guild members. In total, you should place 60 Hero teams and 40 Titan teams for defense. Let me know if you are still not sure how this whole thing works, maybe we need to make a proper lengthy explanation!

Q. Khorus and Sebastian’s design

  • Q. Did the devs intentionally design Khorus to apply his passive skill and block a % of control effects only After Seb’s shield has been used up or is that a bug? There’s nothing written in the skill description that Khorus’s passive skill would only apply if no other anti-control effects are active, so this seems to be a bug just based upon skill descriptions. If this were fixed (or if it was intentional and changed as Khorus is woefully underperforming due to this interaction), it would make Khorus a far more effective field pet and thus incentivize far more players to build Khorus.
  • A. Yes, Khorus’ “The Indomitable” passive skill is triggered only after allied heroes skills that can remove/prevent control effects being used. So the answer is yes, that is by design.

Main Updates


Clash of Worlds

Free Flight

Raven’s Vault



Lore Festival

Lore Rush

Otherworldly Doll

Charged Doll

Guild DASHIMAKI-TAMAGO 2022.Week35

Guild War:Web31-Gold league,Place 1

Guild Raid:Place 10


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