[Hero Wars Guide]Anniversary! In 2024

Anniversary Festival Overview

  • Held annually at the end of March in honor of the HeroWars service-in.
  • Mainly three main events: Quiz Event, Arcdemon Event, and Sale Event.
  • Official gifts tend to be more luxurious during this time. Make sure you do not forget to receive them.

Features of the 2024 Edition

  • Emerald Waterfalls held at the same time.
  • Reward loot boxes have been redesigned.
  • Dominion Chronicles will launch on the first day of the event.

Event Calendar

Happy Birthday, Dominion!
Strongford Quiz
Chronicles of Dominion
Archdemon Returns
Emerald x4 Sale ??
Holiday Hustle
Sale Event
Festive Bundle
Emerald Waterfalls

Updated Route Boxes

Party Box

[Hero Wars Guide] Party Box

Lore Seekers Bag

[Hero Wars Guide] Lore Seekers Bag

Unity Chest

[Hero Wars Guide] Unity Chest

Quiz questions added

No.396 : What’s the max number of patterns that you can weave into a war flag?

No.397 : How many identical white patterns do you need to get your first violet one?

No.398 : What’s the name of Julius’s mech suit?

  • No.398 A1 : Felix
  • No.398 A2 : Tom
  • No.398 A3 : Purina
  • No.398 A4 : Bastet

No.399 : Where can you obtain the Soul Crystals needed to summon Heroes?

  • No.399 A1 : Soul Atrium
  • No.399 A2 : in Heroic Chest
  • No.399 A3 : At the Altar of Mysteries
  • No.399 A4 : In the Soul Temple

No.400 : What Hero are you guaranteed to obtain after 350 summons in the Soul Atrium?

No.401 : Vex’s Curse of the Flesh skill affects the enemy…

  • No.401 A1 : …with the lowest Health.
  • No.401 A2 : …with the highest Health.
  • No.401 A3 : …in the front row.
  • No.401 A4 : …in the back row.

No.402 : Which skill does not belong to Polaris?

No.403 : What’s the max boost you can apply to a Hero’s drop rate in the Soul Atrium?

  • No.403 A1 : 250%
  • No.403 A2 : 200%
  • No.403 A3 : 100%
  • No.403 A4 : 300%

No.404 : How much Gold do you need to unweave a white pattern out of a war flag?

No.405 : The Lost Hero animated short reveals the Archdemon’s previous name. What is it?

  • No.405 A1 : Gareth
  • No.405 A2 : Noctus
  • No.405 A3 : Henry
  • No.405 A4 : Hiroshi

No.406 : Where can you use Explorer’s Moves?

  • No.406 A1 : Mysterious Island
  • No.406 A2 : Expeditions
  • No.406 A3 : Adventures
  • No.406 A4 : The Great Storm

No.407 : What was the name of Lian’s beloved?



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