[Hero Wars Guide]Hero Wars Assistant and plug-ins

[Hero Wars Guide] plug-ins

Handling of plug-ins

This text is intended for those who have searched for Hero Wars Assistant and want to know about it before using it.

  • Various plug-ins have been developed by third parties for Hero Wars.
  • These plug-ins are likely useful and provide assistance to the players.
  • Perhaps the most well-known among them is the Hero Wars Assistant (HWA).
  • However, there are some challenging aspects to consider.
  • In the past, there were questions in the official FAQ regarding Nexters’ stance on HWA.
  • Let’s delve into this matter from that perspective.
  • I hope this discussion helps you make informed decisions.

Background on why Nexters does not encourage the Hero Wars Assistant (HWA)

  • As far as I’m concerned, the main reason is not with the Hero Wars Assistant itself.
  • Nexters’ explanation is not that they do not encourage HWA, but that they “do not encourage third-party plug-ins.”
  • Presumably, this is due to the potential risk of malicious programs being present in such plug-ins, and considering the current social context, the risk is higher than before.

Nexters’ Stance

In summary, Nexters’ stance can be interpreted as follows:

  • At Nexters, we do not encourage the use of third-party software as it goes against our terms of use. 
  • In the meantime, we remind you that discussing such software also goes against the rules of our platform and will be deleted (we prohibit discussion of this topic, among other things, to prevent the spread of information about such malicious programs).
  • If you suspect a player of cheating or have found a link that distributes such software, please report it to our support team.
  • We will prevent discussions about it on our server and we reserve the right to block and ban active users who get an unfair advantage.
  • As the company is not responsible for any negative consequences to your personal data and ruined gaming experience that may result from the use of such software.
  • Also, our stance on the use of any particular software could change over time, as our game as well as the software change over time.

Why is there a risk?

  • In recent times, an increasing percentage of software is being developed using various middleware to reduce development costs and time.
  • This is also true for the various plug-ins developed for Hero Wars.
  • Relying on middleware carries the risk of introducing malicious programs into the system, and such issues have been on the rise. Malware could infiltrate popular middleware that has been problem-free for many years.
  • Therefore, even if the plug-ins themselves are not malicious, there is an increasing risk of them being exploited for malicious intent.
  • While various countermeasures are being taken from different perspectives, these issues remain a constant challenge. Those seeking to profit from malicious programs continuously adapt their tactics.

Will Nexters crack down on HWA?

  • Presumably not.
  • However, users assume the risk of potential destruction of personal data, theft of account information, and indirect involvement in criminal activities when using HWA.

Will Nexters crack down on plugins other than HWA?

  • Plug-ins that are determined to provide an unfair advantage may be addressed.
  • I believe decisions will be based on the disparity between users who utilize the plug-ins and those who do not.
  • As with HWA, users are responsible for their actions and assume the risk of potential destruction of personal data, account theft, and indirect participation in criminal activities.


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