[Hero Wars Guide]Adventure 13-9 Best Route

[Hero Wars Guide] adventures 13-9 Best Route

Adventure 13-9 Details

  • One of the quests in Adventure 13.
  • Shares the same map as Adventure 9, making the route identical.
  • The boss is Corrupted Galahad.

Optimal Route Explanation for Adventure 13-9

  • The preferred route used by guild DASHIMAKI-TAMAGO.
  • Since Adventure is a daily activity, having a comfortable route is crucial.
  • This route eliminates waiting for other players to log in, allowing all three stages to be completed with just one login.

Adventure 13-9 Best Route

  • Player 1 (Center): 03-08-09-13-18-23-17-22-27-42-34-36-39-Boss(x2)
  • Player 2 (Top): 02-06-12-15-20-26-21-30-35-25-35-38-41-43-Boss
  • Player 3 (Bottom): 07-01-03-04-10-19-28-0-33-37-40-32-45-Boss(x2)

Importance of Choosing the Best Adventure Route

  • The commonly known route often requires waiting for others to progress, leading to time constraints based on login times.
  • It’s recommended to play Adventures at least once every three days, even when using staggered raid techniques. Opting for a route with no login wait ensures a more enjoyable experience, especially on busier days.

Is this route more challenging than the typical one?

  • It might be somewhat more challenging due to the reduced amount of buffs.
  • However, since I started using this route for Adventure 13-9, I honestly didn’t notice any significant impact on the buffs.
  • After comparing it with other routes, I firmly believe this is the best option, and it serves as the common route within our guild.

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