[Hero Wars Guide]Corrupted Orion can beat by 2 heroes

[Hero Wars Guide] beat orion boss

How to beat Corrupted Orion

  • Adventures‘s boss.
  • The skills used are similar to those of Orion.
  • They’re going to hit us with a ridiculous number of missile attacks.
  • Isaac is a counter hero.
  • Because of the high number of attacks, it’s easy to trigger our skills.
  • Heroes with damage in their first skill combined with Dorian will be a counter fest and easy to take down.
  • Thea and Dorian combined with Thea who has a canned first AF can cut down the damage significantly. Isaac is more recommended.

Example of Adv13 defeat

It is defeated in fast-forward auto.

Upgrade guidelines for Adv13 defeat

  • Isaac: about 160,000. First artifact, physical attack and Health are important. Armor Penetration and Magic defense is unnecessary.
  • Dorian: 4th skill skill level should be MAX. Others are unnecessary.

*If Isaac’s strength is insufficient, he can be defeated by supplementing other heroes.

Other Adventure Bosses

Corrupted Galahad can beat by solo

Corrupted Cleaver can beat by 2 heroes

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