[Hero Wars Guide]Corrupted Cleaver can beat by 2 heroes

[Hero Wars Guide] Corrupted Cleaver

How to beat Corrupted Cleaver

  • Adventures‘s boss.
  • The skills used are similar to those of Cleaver.
  • Corrupted Cleaver robustly recovers and the display of recovery values even extends beyond the screen.
  • Inhibiting recovery proves effective. Jet and Celeste, yields positive results.
  • For Jet, it’s crucial to have enough HP to survive and to raise the skill level of the third skill to effectively inhibit recovery.
  • Unlike Jet, Celeste requires a certain level of enhancement. This is because the performance of recovery inhibition depends on Celeste’s magic attack status.
  • There are numerous heroes who are effective as DPS. For instance, Jhu and Orion are not only potent against other Bosses but also effective against Corrupted Cleaver.
  • Mojo’s fourth skill proves effective. When the skill is maxed, it continues to generate additional damage even after Mojo has fallen.
  • Depending on buffs and other conditions, a two-hero composition of Celeste and Mojo can successfully defeat him.
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Example of Adv13 defeat

[Hero Wars Guide] Beat Corrupted Cleaver

The game is being played in fast-forward auto mode for the defeat.

Upgrade guidelines for Adv13 defeat

  • Celeste: Around 170,000 power. Focus on the first artifact and Magic Attack.
  • Mojo: Around 160,000 power. Focus on the first artifact and Magic Attack.
[Hero Wars Guide] Beat Corrupted Cleaver Team

* In case of insufficient strength, adding heroes like Jhu, Orion, Nebula, and Dorian can lead to victory.
* This case, I went with Biscuit, but Marlin might be better than Biscuit.

Other Adventure Bosses

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Corrupted Orion can beat by 2 heroes

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