[Hero Wars Guide]Order of pet upgrade for a strong team

A concept for the order in which pets are upgrade

  • As of 2023, Hero Wars will have a concept for the order in which pets are upgrade.
  • By following this concept, even teams with the same concept and the same amount of resources can win more or less games.
  • This is because pet training affects more than just the power of your pets in terms of winning Hero Wars!
  • If you can’t beat someone with the same level of training, one of the reasons may be the difference in pets!

The first pet you want to upgrade Axel

  • The first pet you want to raise is Axel, the most frequently used pet.
  • His damage dispersion will protect your team well from Dante and K’arkh!
  • Above all, the skill characteristic that makes it easy to accumulate gauges at once by accelerating the rear guard due to damage dispersion is very useful!
  • The first pets that beginners receive in the pet tutorial are Oliver, Fenris, and Merlin. However, simply suspending the upgrade of them and shifting to Axel will improve the win rate!
  • If you test guild battles between your own teams, with Oliver and Axel as your respective banded pets, you will see clear results in many cases!

Second best pet to upgrade for DPS

  • The second pet you want to upgrade is the pet you patronize for your main DPS.
  • Which pet depends on your hero.
  • Start with the pet with the highest win rate for each hero you choose: Cain for Dante, Fenris for Ishmael or K’arkh, Albus for Heidi, Axel for Orion….
  • For example, there are scenes where Cain is best for Heidi, but in the most cases, the pet with the highest win rate is determined, so we choose accordingly.
  • Iris is the only one you might have trouble with, since you use Oliver and Albus equally. I think you can decide based on your own team-up.

Iris’s Pets

The third pet you want to upgrade for the tank

  • The second pet you want to raise is the pet to patronize the tank.
  • Since very many losing patterns are in cases where the lead hero tank is taken down before the opponent.
  • In this case, the pet is often Oliver.
  • If Dante or Aurora is the lead tank, it will be Cain.
  • In the case of an arachneta tank, it will be Mara.

The fourth pet to upgrade for control

  • If you have an Arachne or Liane, their strength depends more on Mara’s power than on their own power.
  • If you have Faceless, their strength will most likely depend more on Merlin’s power than on Faceless’ own strength.
  • These control heroes are strong in the PvP and can make or break the game, but it is often the power of the pet that determines the outcome.

The fifth pet to upgrade for the main team

  • When you get to this point, you are aiming for a situation where all 5 heroes on the main team can have pets to patronize them!
  • If you have a certain amount of different uses for the pets, decide in order from the configuration of the team you use most often.

Sixth pet to upgrade for DPS switch

  • By the time you have upgrade your sixth pet, you will often have made some progress on the second team.
  • By upgrade a pet for the second team’s hero, you will be able to build your fighting style according to your opponent.

Seventh pet to upgrade Khorus

  • If your main team does not include Sebastian as a hero, Khorus can provide a certain amount of debuff protection.
  • However, Khorus is a late-blooming type of pet that does not function until near canst, so consideration should be given based on your own upgrade pace. There are many cases where it is better to upgrade Sebastian.

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