[Hero Wars Guide]Iris’s Pets

[Hero Wars Guide]Iris's Pets

About Iris’s Pets

For those wondering how to wear Iris’s pets.

Overview of each pet

  • Possible to extend firepower with Albus. One of the main candidates
  • Oliver can strengthen her skills while supplementing her durability
  • Biscuit can be used to counter Sebastian while extending his status


  • As of February 2023, the Dante, Ishmael, and K’arkh configurations that are commonly used for defense will be considered as a base.
  • (This may not be suitable for all cases, but actually depends on factors such as resurrection, evasion buffs, and criticality, on a case-by-case basis.
  • Please consider this as a rough draft.

Case of choose Albus

  • When you can put Iris in 5th position against Dante (Dante’s first skill is basically for the 4 people in front of him)
  • Ishmael (unless he uses Accelerate, no one except the first person will be hit).
[Hero Wars] Iriss Pets case Dante 1

Cases to choose Oliver

  • When placing Iris other than the 5th position vs. Dante (because she will be killed by a one critical hit)
  • Against K’arkh (because he will be killed by a one shot)

Cases of choose Biscuit

  • When Oliver and Albus are used for other hero, and you can add a pet of any kind.
  • Patronize Biscuit and you’ll survive the armor difference in this pattern.
  • When you want to counter Sebastian with debuff saturation, but you need just a few more.

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