[Hero Wars Guide]Hidden Treasure

[Hero Wars Guide] Chapter 9 Hidden Treasure Rewords

Hidden Gifts in Hero Wars

  • Accessible after completing the tutorial.
  • Discover hidden rewards that can be obtained for free.
  • Follow these steps

Instructions for Hidden Gifts

  • 1. Clear Chapter 1 in the Campaign to reveal the hidden gift.
  • 2. Open the map of Chapter 9 in the Campaign. You don’t need to have actually completed Chapter 9 at this point.
  • 3. Click on the objects on the map as shown in the image. The top of the tower will illuminate.
  • 4. Click on the glowing top of the tower.
  • 5. Click on the appearing cross mark.

3. The map as shown in the image

4. & 5. Clicks


  • 15 Copper Boxes
  • 100,000 gold
[Hero Wars Guide] Chapter 9 Hidden Treasure Rewords


  • If you make a mistake in the order, return to the main menu and retry.
  • If you’re unable to retry after returning to the main menu, reload the browser and try again.
  • Once you complete the quest, you cannot retry it.

Other Hidden Quests and Secret missions

  • Apart from the aforementioned quest, there are additional hidden quests.
  • However, these quests are not permanent and are only available for a limited time during events.

Secret missions

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