[Hero Wars Guide]Isaac’s Artifact Ring Concept

Should Isaac’s Third Artifact (Artifact Ring) be upgraded or not?

  • There are two conflicting opinions regarding the upgrade of Isaac’s third artifact, which I’ll outline here.
  • One camp suggests halting the upgrade at level 100, while the other advocates for pushing it to level 130.
  • In my view, both perspectives have their merits.

Benefits of Upgrading Isaac’s 3rd Artifact

Agility is crucial in PvP scenarios

  • Isaac relies heavily on physical attacks and Health. Enhancing the 3rd Artifact boosts his physical attack, consequently improving the performance of his 3rd and 4th skills.
  • When anticipating an attack against a duo like Dante and Amira or Amira and Heidi, enhancing the main stats reduces the risk of opponents evading the attack.
  • Personally, sometimes, I deploy Isaac against engineer opponents in CoW. Enhancing the 3rd artifact grants higher stats and Armor, which translates to advantageous survivability in intense battles.

In the battle against Osh, it serves as both a meteor countermeasure and a physical attack buff

  • During the Lvl 160 battle against Osh, a single armor buff is sufficient to mitigate damage, greatly reducing the risk of Isaac being knocked down by meteors.
  • Additionally, it marginally enhances the physical attack buff on Isaac’s third skill for allies: comparing Lv100 (+3,990 Agility) to Lv130 (+6,249 Agility), there’s an approximately 813 difference in buff performance, benefiting Sebastian, Nebula, and Jhu.

Added: Meteor damage reduction approach in Battle of Osh

  • Armor penetration for Lv160 Osh is 82,073.
  • Armor buff from first artifact is up to 50,190.
  • Damage reduction starts at 31,883 armor or higher. Damage is reduced by 50% at 34,883 armor. If Isaac’s armor is increased to 34,812, damage is much lower, including Oliver.

Disadvantages of increasing Isaac’s 3rd Artifact

  • Elevating Isaac’s 3rd Artifact from level 100 to level 130 raises his physical attack by 6,777.
  • Consequently, Isaac’s physical attack may surpass that of Sebastian.
  • The Isaac, Sebastian, and Jet combination is frequently employed in the Battle of Osh.
  • A key challenge with this lineup is managing Sebastian’s energy gauge. One approach to alleviate this issue is to expedite Sebastian’s skill activation speed using Jet’s first skill.
  • However, Jet’s first skill targets the hero with the highest Physical Attack. Hence, if Isaac’s artifact is overly potent, the skill will invariably target Isaac, even if the intention is to target Sebastian. Thus, augmenting Isaac’s artifact can prove detrimental to the team.

Furthermore, this consideration is not solely about comparing the physical attacks of Sebastian and Isaac, but it also necessitates taking into account the physical attack amplification by Albus on Sebastian (up to a maximum of +6,970).

Tip 1: Impact on Sphere Clearing Speed

  • Sebastian’s buff influencing Isaac might impact the rate at which the sphere is cleared.
  • The outcome depends on factors such as skin evolution, other stats development, skill activation sequence, and the occurrence of critical hits.

Tip 2: Manual Adjustment of Isaac’s Physical Attacks

When fine-tuning Isaac’s physical attacks, you may still encounter difficulties in utilizing Jet’s skills optimally.

  • Isaac’s third skill enhances the team’s physical attack.
  • This effect is magnified for Isaac when functioning as an Engineer.
  • The Engineering buff affects Jet’s skill targeting. Hence, manual adjustment of skill timing is necessary.

Personal Conclusion

  • When considering only the Osh battle, it’s safer not to upgrade Isaac’s third artifact beyond level 100. However, since it is not as decisive as the First Artifact (Artifact Weapon), the choice between upgrading it or not doesn’t matter much.
  • However, for top-tier PvP battles, such as those in CoW Engineer where high difficulty is expected, upgrading the third artifact may be beneficial.

Example of Osh Battle Lineup

Team Composition with Advantages



Team Composition with Disadvantages



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