[Hero Wars Guide]Jhu

[Hero Wars] Jhu

Hero Guide

  • A tribal warrior skilled in boomerang combat.
  • Exhibits strength against both Non-PvP and PvP, possessing patterns that can overcome heroes like Dante and Ishmael.
  • High durability and multiple attacks make Jhu exceptionally suitable for auto-play, delivering stable and effective performance regardless of the player.

Jhu’ Strengths and Team Building Theory

  • Functions as a single attack DPS targeting the front and tail of opponents. Effectively counters teams with weaker heroes in the 5th position, such as Sebastian and Thea, due to its focus on the opponent’s tail.
  • Combines well with Isaac Nebula, Sebastian, and Martha to form the potent “Osh template” team, adept against magic teams. If Isaac is replaced by Aurora or Astaroth, they can form a team effective against Ishmael. Similarly, substituting Isaac with Marcus transforms the team into a setup specialized against Dante Tank.
  • Main stat is strength, with the first skill providing invulnerability during activation, facilitating the creation of durable teams.
  • As a physical DPS with a main stat other than speed, Jhu does not trigger Amira‘s Critical Fumble against heroes with speed as their main stat, making it a potential counter to Amira.
  • Doesn’t inadvertently grant energy to opponents due to its single-attack DPS nature, making it compatible with control teams. Synergizes effectively with heroes like Arachne and Jorgen, forming a robust attack formation.
  • Works well with Thea’s 4th skill, “Acceleration on Dying,” due to its invulnerability skill.
  • Since there is a large number of attacks, Nebula and Sebastian’s skills can seamlessly activate at the right time without conscious effort. This can be leveraged to inflict Pure damage. This advantage is notably demonstrated in battles against Osh, where, depending on luck, results such as achieving 400 million damage are possible.
  • Particularly effective in game modes where bosses appear alone, such as guild raids, campaigns, Adventures, and Outland.
  • Less suitable for defense teams. But due to potential attack accidents induced by invulnerability skills, excels with CoW lighthouse buffs.
  • Can be used at very low power in non-PvP battles, starting around 20,000 power.
  • Many physical DPS heroes require a well-rounded upgrade of all their stats without compromise. In this context, Jhu’s Armor penetration, Strength, and Physical attack are crucial, while Health, Armor, and Magic defense are considered almost unnecessary. There’s no need to acquire the Champion’s skin and Masquerade skin, and obtaining Health glyphs is also unnecessary.
  • Suitable for both Guild raids and Guild Wars, making it an excellent main DPS option for players who prefer extended, F2P gameplay.

Disadvantages of Jhu

  • Vulnerable to being instantly killed by high-firepower teams like Dante tanks before activating the invulnerability of the first skill.
  • Second skill has Pure damage but with a low damage ceiling.
  • Fourth skill provides self-healing after invoking immortality, but the recovery amount is minimal.
  • Main stat is not speed, limiting attacks to single targets and resulting in lower firepower as a physical DPS. Vulnerable to being completely shut down by opposing healers.
  • Low Armor penetration, making it unsuitable for teams with numerous Armor buffs and weak against teams with Martha at the tail end, acting as a counter.
  • Attacks Lian at the tail end of the opposing team, ceasing further attacks.
  • The combo with Sebastian for Pure damage is restricted by physical damage limitations in Adventure’s physically disabled squares. Damage is also nullified if physical attacks are blocked by a barrier.
  • Standard DPS against 160 Osh, but generating damage significantly exceeding 1 billion is challenging compared to Cornelius. Higher power requirements for both Jhu and the team, necessitating Level 49 branches of wisdom for shooting, support, and healer roles.



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