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Anticipated Overview of Hero Ratings


  • Valuable insights for considering hero development.
  • Particularly helpful for identifying the heroes you’re actively training.
  • Ensuring a clear understanding of crucial points to avoid any misunderstandings in their usage.


  • Part of the Soul Atrium feature.
  • All players can rate heroes on a 5-point scale, and these ratings are publicly viewable.
  • To rate a hero, you must have them at Orange+4 or higher; unrated heroes must be developed to this level.
  • Ratings are platform-specific and cross-server. Ratings from other platforms or individual servers are not accessible.
  • You’ll receive 50 emeralds per hero the first time you rate them.
  • You can change your ratings later, but no emeralds are rewarded for updates.
  • Use this as a rough reference when considering hero development.


You can rate a hero once they have been leveled up to Orange+4.

  • Select the target hero from the hero list.
  • Click on the “Stats” tab.
  • Click on the thumbs-up icon. The left end represents a rating of 1, while the right end represents a rating of 5.
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Five Important Considerations for Hero Ratings

Overrating and Underrating Heroes

  • Since everyone can participate, frequently used heroes may receive inflated ratings relative to their abilities.
  • Conversely, heroes with potential but fewer users may be underrated.
  • For instance, popular heroes like K’arkh and Celeste are likely to be overrated.
    (This is not about K’arkh and Celeste being ineffective, but rather about the possibility of them being overrated compared to their true potential.)

Rating Does Not Reflect Strength Heroes

  • Hero ratings indicate recommendations, not their actual strength.
  • It doesn’t necessarily pinpoint the best heroes.
  • For example, user-friendly heroes like Orion might receive higher ratings than more challenging yet powerful heroes like Satori.

Adaptability to Changing Environments

  • Players rate heroes based on their initial usage conditions.
  • While you can change your ratings later, consider whether it’s worth doing so without emerald rewards. Can you effectively track trends across servers and adapt to new situations? Will you consistently grasp new dynamics? What about the ratings of retired players? Are outdated ratings gradually becoming the norm?

One Vote for the Strongest, One for the Weakest

  • Most players focus on a limited number of heroes, limiting their ability to provide comprehensive ratings.
  • Only a few players will train multiple heroes extensively and can effectively assess and rate them.
  • Keep in mind that this system places more weight on the opinions of the majority, who may not possess complete information.

Potential for Misleading Ratings for Low-Power, High-Potential Heroes

  • Heroes that are intrinsically strong without reaching Orange+4 cannot be rated.
  • If you rely on population-based evaluations, you might overlook genuinely outstanding heroes.
  • For example, Dorian is a prime candidate for being overlooked in this scenario.

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