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Cosmic Battle Overview

  • A Cross-Server PVP Event

After event renew

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Event Flow

  • Over a 2-day preparation phase, all participants vote for their 5 least favorite heroes.
  • The top 10 heroes with the most votes are banned for use exclusively within the event.
  • Cross-server player-versus-player matches begin concurrently with the event.
  • Unlike other PVP events, battles are based on your current power, but you cannot select heroes that have been banned through the voting process. This may put players who have only developed well-known heroes like Dante at a disadvantage.
  • Points are earned for successful attacks or defenses during player-versus-player matches.
  • Accumulated points can be used for shopping at the event store.
  • Additionally, it is expected that there will be regular quests separate from this event.

Official Message

Cosmic Battle Starts This Friday!

The previously announced PvP-event “Cosmic Battle” will start this Friday — for 7 days, all players with team level 40 or higher will have the opportunity to battle against players from all servers within the same platform, using their heroes at their current power!

For victories and successful defenses, you will earn Ranking Points and Cosmic Battle Coins. The higher your rank is, the more Coins you get – it’s that simple! As usual, you’ll be able to spend the Coins on equipment items and other useful resources in the Event Store!

And tomorrow, the first stage of the “Cosmic Battle” starts in the game — the Hero Ban phase! You will decide which Heroes will be banned from the event:

  • For two days, you will be voting for 5 heroes you want to ban from the ”Cosmic Battle”;
  • Once the Ban phase is over, 10 heroes with the most votes against them will be excluded from participating in the ”Cosmic Battle” — players won’t be able to use them either in attacking or defending teams;
  • The Hero Ban system only applies to the “Cosmic Battle” event — you can continue to play with any heroes in other modes.

Get ready to ban heroes tomorrow and see you in the Dominion!

Quest Guide

Quest Order

The Pass of a Warrior

The Pass of a Warrior Tasks and Returns

Voting Phase

  • Select 5 heroes within the 2-day timeframe.
  • If you have multiple accounts, you can vote with each one.
  • Since each participant has only one vote, it’s possible for heroes favored by top-tier players as well as those popular among newer players to be chosen.
  • Once you’ve voted, you can view the vote tally until the game commences.
  • You can strategize your offensive and defensive formations while observing the voting phases.

Voting Screen

Vote Results Screen

Decoding Cosmic Battle BAN Specifications and Voting Patterns

The Rules of the Cosmic Battle Run-Up

General Information

  • The Run-Up to the new event is here! The new event will be a cross-server arena for the players who set up their defense team on the main event screen.

The purpose of the Run-Up

  • This stage gives our community the chance to decide which Heroes will be part of the event. Once the Run-Up is over, we’ll ban the 10 Heroes that get the most votes.
  • You’ll have two days to vote the Heroes you don’t want out of the event.
  • In this event, players get to shape the Hero lineup. Everyone can pick 5 Heroes they personally don’t want there.

The Main Event

  • Your Heroes will join the battles at their current power. You can always power them up to give your team a better fighting chance.
  • The battles will earn you points and event coins. Points determine your standing in the event rankings, which let you earn more coins as you progress. You can use those coins to get some unique stuff from the event shop.

Final Vote Results

  • You can view preliminary results in real-time mode as the voting goes on. Final results will be announced at the end of the Run-Up.
  • In the end, we will ban the 10 most voted-for Heroes from the event. If there’s a draw between the 10th and 11th places (or lower ones), it will be settled with a random choice.
  • You’ll still be able to play the banned Heroes in other modes-they just can’t be part of any attack or defense teams in this event.

Player vs. Player (PvP)

Crucial Aspects of PvP

  • Success rates in both attacking and defending are of equal importance.
  • Achieving successful defenses against certain top-tier players can be challenging, but such opponents are a minority. It’s advisable to consider defensive strategies that the majority of players cannot easily overcome.
  • Consecutive win rewards are available.

What to do when you can’t win in PvP battles

  • 1. Invest in Jorgen.
  • 2. Try developing other heroes as well.
  • 3. Lower the rank tier of your opponents. By weakening your defense and observing the situation, you can match up against weaker opponents.

Cosmic Battle Day 1: Jorgen’s Dominance

Heroes That Could Possibly Save the Day in Cosmic Battle

Number of Attacks

Automatic Recovery

One recovers automatically every hour, with a maximum limit of 5 times.

Replenishment via Emeralds

You can replenish up to 5 attacks using the following amounts of Emeralds. It starts at 250 Emeralds, but eventually requires 2,100 Emeralds.

  • 250
  • 350
  • 450
  • 550
  • 900
  • 1,400
  • 2,100


For the first day only, unlimited battles were available for 24 hours from the start of the event. It’s a great deal for those with the time.

[Hero Wars Guide] Cosmic Battle Attempts.png

Top Rewards (Ranking Rewards)

The top 50 players across servers will receive top-tier rewards and exclusive frames. The frames follow a ranking system akin to CoW.

  • 1st place: 10,000 coins
  • 50th place: 2,000 coins


Rewards vary depending on the league.
Leagues are divided by scores based on the outcome of offensive and defensive victories and change over time.

[Hero Wars Guide] Cosmic Battle League Rule_1
[Hero Wars Guide] Cosmic Battle League Rule_2
[Hero Wars Guide] Cosmic Battle League Rule_3


Matchmaking is a system that selects players from the same league.


  • Grand League
  • Ascendant League
  • Challenger League

Cosmic Battle Rules

General Information

  • The Cosmic Battle is a cross-server event where players battle each other using their Heroes at current power.
  • Players advance to higher-tier leagues by earning points. The higher you get, the greater your victory rewards and the final event reward.

Special Feature

  • You can pick any of your Heroes except the ones voted out of the event by the community. The banned Heroes have a lock icon on their avatars. Those characters are excluded from the lineup for the duration of the event.

Joining the Event

  • To participate in the event, you need to assemble a defense team. Matchmaking will become available once you do that. To set up your defense team, press the Defense button.


  • Once you’ve set up your defense team, you’re officially part of the event and other similarly ranked players can attack you. No matter if you’re defending or attacking, you’ll get rewards and your ranking will change depending on how the battle goes.


  • To start a battle, press the Find button. You’ll get matched with an opponent of a similar ranking. Press Attack to assemble your attack team and enter the battlefield.

Win Streak

  • Win streaks net you an additional prize. As you rack up more wins, your win streak level goes up along with the value of the extra reward. Win streak resets when you lose a battle.

Retrying a Battle

  • If you’ve lost a defensive battle, you have the chance to make a comeback by pressing the Retry button. In that case, your win streak won’t end and you won’t go down in the rankings.


  • All battle rewards and the final ranking rewards include coins that you can spend in the event shop.
  • The top 50 players get extra coins and a unique avatar frame.

After the event

  • Unused store coins will be converted to root boxes after the event.
  • Reload your browser after the event is over to receive them via Mail.
  • Please leave a small portion unused.
[Hero Wars] Cosmic Battle END

Utilizing Uncontested Victory Rewards

The method to any coins in savings

  • Since each defense success reward arrives by mail, the following deals may be possible.
  • This procedure allows you to get a Cosmic Battle Chest for 20-150 coins instead of 600 coins.
  • This allows you to exchange coins for defense success rewards at a discount.

Procedure for maximizing benefits

  • 1. Keep the Mail unopened until after the event shop has closed.
  • 2. Open only one Mail and reload your browser.
  • 3. Collect the reward from the Mail.
  • 4. Open the next Mail, and repeat the process.
  • 5. Due to rounding up fractions, each Mail can be exchanged for one box.
[Hero Wars Guide] Successful Cosmic Battle Defense

Points to note

  • It is eligible for batch receipt. While utilizing this technique, batch receipt cannot be used, including Friend Chips.
  • As it offers significant advantages, there is a possibility that countermeasures may be implemented to prevent the use of this technique.
  • Only for those who are willing to take the risk of countermeasures and proceed with caution.


  • Friday, August 25, 2023 (7 days)
  • Thursday, October 05, 2023 (4 days)


Champion’s Treasure

Powerful Offer

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