[Hero Wars Guide]Heroes That Could Possibly Save the Day in Cosmic Battle

Plan’s List

Considering the current candidates for banning, it might be beneficial to prioritize the enhancement of the following heroes. However, the effectiveness depends on the synergy between your trained heroes and your opponents. It may have only a placebo-like effect.


Maintain the 4th skill, “Initiation,” at level 90.


Focus on increasing Health as much as possible. Please be aware that there’s a chance she might get banned.


Upgrade him to the purple color rank for the time being.


Set the second skill, “Power Throw,” to level 130.


Elevate the 3rd skill, “Potion of Fatigue,” to level 130.


Maximize Health and the first artifact and pair him with Dorian. If feasible, consider forming a team with Nebula, Celeste, or Helios. However, be cautious of Isaac.

Julius, and others

Team up with Axel and Aidan.


Pair with Axel and team up with Aidan and Khorus. Keep in mind that without Amira, it might be challenging to withstand Ishmael’s attacks.

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