[Hero Wars Guide]Decoding Cosmic Battle BAN Specifications and Voting Patterns

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BAN System Specifications

  • Decided through a collective vote by all users.
  • Presented as percentages.
  • Percentages are rounded to the nearest whole number.
  • In case of identical percentages, the order follows the IDs of the heroes (the order in which they were introduced in the game).
  • If percentages are equal, heroes may be banned based on their ID order rather than the actual number of votes.

Intermediate Voting Results (August 24, 2023)

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Reasons for Receiving Votes

The following reasons are anticipated to be contributors to receiving votes. Not all users may conform to these patterns, but these are common expectations. Throughout, there is a tendency for heroes who have been extensively upgrade to be selected, but there are also other reasons beyond this.

*As with other pages, each hero’s icon serves as a link to their respective hero description page.


Currently perceived as the most formidable hero, Dante garners votes from players who haven’t exclusively focused on him or haven’t heavily invested in him. This includes those who haven’t cultivated Dante and players who have invested in multiple heroes.

[Hero Wars]Dante


As the strongest hero in the early game, Yasmine is expected to attract votes from novice players who have recently begun playing. The game is heavily advertised, and new servers are rapidly introduced, resulting in a substantial population of beginners. Despite the team level cap of 40, it can be reached within 1-3 days under current game mechanics, granting every player equal voting rights. Accumulating votes from beginners can carry significant weight.

[Hero Wars]Yasmine


It’s likely that Iris is receiving votes from players, particularly those competing in the Bronze League. While many players have nurtured Iris, she is often considered an impractical hero to upgrade in the Bronze League. When combined with votes from players who haven’t developed her and those voting to counter strong DPS heroes due to Iris’s prevalence, the total number of votes can be substantial.

[Hero Wars]Iris


There’s a high likelihood that players who don’t fully comprehend the implications of this poll are casting votes without complete understanding.

[Hero Wars]Cleaver


K’arkh is likely drawing votes from individuals who have had unfavorable experiences with him in the past. Additionally, his active presence in lower-level Arena matches, such as the Silver and Bronze Leagues, and battles among beginners after some time has passed, are probable factors attracting votes.

[Hero Wars]Karkh


Rufus appears to be receiving votes from players who have invested in Yasmine and Iris. There’s also a chance that votes are coming from players who have exclusively raised magic DPS heroes, though they represent a minority.

[Hero Wars]Rufus


Although not necessarily considered a significant threat, Sebastian is a hero that many players have frequently nurtured, making him a likely target for votes.

[Hero Wars]Sebastian


It’s highly likely that Amira received votes from both those who voted to counter her as a potent DPS hero and those who didn’t fully understand the significance of the vote.

[Hero Wars]Amira


Fafnir likely garnered votes from both those who voted to counter him as a robust support hero and those who didn’t fully grasp the implications of the vote.


Mushy and Shroom

It’s probable that both Mushy and Shroom attracted votes from those who intended to use K’arkh and those who didn’t fully comprehend the meaning of the vote.

Mushy and Shroom


Throughout, a certain portion of voters may be casting their votes for various reasons. These votes could come from individuals who may not fully comprehend the purpose of this vote, or from those who understand it but choose to participate for their own preferences.

  • Voting for heroes they personally desire.
  • Voting for heroes they personally favor.
  • Selecting heroes that are considered benign by most.
  • Deciding solely based on the appearance of the hero’s icon.
  • Choosing heroes sequentially from the list or simply selecting them at random.

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