[Hero Wars Guide]Cosmic Battle Day 1: Jorgen’s Dominance

[Hero Wars攻略]宇宙バトルDay 1で発揮されたヨルガンの優位

Mastering the Cosmic Battle: Winning Strategies

  • The Cosmic Battle has commenced, and to put it plainly, I believe Jorgen to be the most effective hero in this setting. Satori and Nebula follow closely behind.
  • Jorgen can wield significant influence in battles when all four of his skills are unlocked, especially when coupled with Axel. I highly recommend experimenting with this combination.
  • Allow me to illustrate its real-world effectiveness. On the first day, I participated in approximately 10 battles and emerged victorious in all 10!

Nebula’s Tanking Potential

Heroes who can unleash firepower from the rear positions can thrive when paired with Nebula Tank alongside Jorgen. Here are some scenarios:

Scenario 1

Scenario 2

Scenario 3

The Arachne + Faceless Duo

When confronted with opponents who have Axel as their accompanying pet, the synergy between Arachne and Faceless proves remarkably effective. Observe these instances:

Scenario 4

Scenario 5

A Power-Pushing Strategy

Depending on the enemy team’s composition, a power-oriented assault can outshine a technique-focused approach. Here’s an example:

Scenario 6

When Jorgen Falls Short: The Lian + Axel Combo

In situations where Jorgen might not be the ideal choice, consider alternative tactics. A prime example arises when your opponent deploys Julius, the cat tank. One effective solution is to employ the Lian + Axel combo:

Scenario 7

Scenario 8

In Conclusion

With both sides having restricted options, battles naturally become different from the usual. By finding effective ways to use Jorgen and Nebula, you might have a chance to win, or perhaps discover entirely new strategies. I hope you can imagine such possibilities.

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