[Hero Wars Guide]Unveiling the Evolutions in Cosmic Battle: What’s Changed?

Comparison of the first and second

Changes to the Ban System

  • With the shift towards role-based banning, focus on banning is no longer solely on DPS. Consequently, last time, main DPS heroes were off-limits! This time, however, many players were able to utilize the DPS heroes they had been investing in. (Well, Dante is banned by default and may continue to be so.)
  • The transition to role-based bans has put players who concentrated on training particularly potent heroes in a situation where most of their heroes are now banned. This was especially challenging for players with less than six months of gameplay. Back then, resources were heavily invested in the initial five players, making many of them essentially unusable. Nevertheless, since this game mode wasn’t primarily designed for beginners, it appears that the warrior path was provided as a solution for such players.
  • For those who enjoy developing less popular heroes regardless of trends or strength, there wasn’t much disparity between the previous game and this one. However, for those who did, it was a gratifying event that facilitated greater engagement than usual.

Decoding Cosmic Battle BAN Specifications and Voting Patterns

Refining Fighting Styles and Altering the Defense System

  • As there weren’t any substantial shifts in the fundamental direction of the ban system from the first event, the fine-tuning of fighting styles accrued from the initial event was retained.
  • Furthermore, the system was modified so that scores wouldn’t change even if a player failed to defend.
  • The combination of these two factors made ascending to a higher league more manageable.
  • I believe that many players benefited from this system modification and were able to secure their rank rewards in their target league.
  • The chief concern lies in top players’ rankings becoming a mere contest of emerald expenditure. For certain players with a surplus of heroes seeking a level of competition beyond the arena, the previous rules may have been more enjoyable. However, there exists a defensive penalty, and offensive and defensive formation strategies must be devised individually within a restricted time frame. Following this, they vie with other players for supremacy. Under such conditions, only a limited number of players can thrive, so it’s hard to ascertain whether this is truly advantageous!

The First Place: Cosmic Battle

Regarding the Change in Duration

  • The duration was nearly halved, but the rewards were subsequently boosted!
  • Consequently, the post-event conversion method for defense rewards isn’t as advantageous as it used to be.
  • Overall, I believe many players found it advantageous as it made earning rewards with limited playtime more feasible.

The best available Heroes vs.

  • I believe some individuals found the inclusion of this information made battles a bit easier!
  • Nonetheless, if you don’t have it, there’s nothing much you can do!
  • Many of you might have used this information as a reference when considering which heroes to train in the future.

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