[Hero Wars Guide]Explorer’s Move

[Hero Wars Guide] Explorers Move

About Explorer’s Moves

  • Used in Seasonal Adventures.
  • Explanation: This is not an item that is reset for each individual Season Adventure but rather one that can be carried over to the next Season Adventure.

When is it consumed?

  • Explorer’s Moves are used when opening new squares to gain rewards. Some squares can be opened without using an Explorer’s Move.
  • The consumption of an Explorer’s Move is not governed by the rule that treasure chests do not consume it.
  • As of 10/11/2023, only squares No. 1 and No. 5 on the map do not require an Explorer’s Move. All other squares require an Explorer’s Move for both towers and treasure chests.

Cases of Non-Consumption

  • Squares designated as non-consumable on the map are not consumed.
  • Unlike regular adventures, seasonal adventures do not have the concept of a current location on the map. Therefore, a “move” is not used for navigation. You can open any squares you want in any order, regardless of their placement.
  • Currently, there is no screen display for consuming or not consuming.

About Specification Changes

  • Whether or not an Explorer’s Move is consumed may be altered after the fact. (It has already been changed once since the start of Mysterious Island.)

How to Obtain

  • The Seasons events (such as Pet Season).
  • Seasonal adventure map rewards.
  • Subscription.

Efficient Use

  • Primarily, use them to target the grand prize squares you desire, such as towers and treasure chests.
  • Any surplus should be carried over to the next Seasonal Adventure.

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