[Hero Wars]Julius

[Hero Wars]Julius

About Julius

  • Tank Cat appearing in 2023.
  • It has a debuff-cutting skill; Sebastian and Khorus are strong debuff-cutters in the Web version, and Celeste, Nebula, Judge, and others also have certain abilities. However, Khorus has no certainty and otherwise plays only a supplementary role. Therefore, a defense line with a strong debuff in CoW can deplete Sebastian and make him fail to attack. Thus, it has the potential to create a stir in the CoW.
  • The first artifact is a critical hit rate, distinctive tank.
  • Comparatively soft among tanks.
  • The support performance is well-developed, and the 3rd and 4th skills seem to be triggered by all barriers in the team. This makes it easy to function in teams with many barrier skills.

Official Trailer

Flavor Text

Driven by his ingenuity and passion for adventuring, the Star Wanderer designed the Felix mech suit. He arrived in the Dominion from a planet so distant you cannot see its star in the sky. Julius will stand up for himself as well as defend his allies. Despite his undeniable cuteness and soothing purrs, the dauntless feline fighter fills his foes with fear. His motto, “MREOW!”, is recognized and dreaded throughout the universe!


Defense Meowtrix

  • Julius surrounds his team with a defense matrix that absorbs all damage. After the matrix is destroyed, all heroes in the team are healed.

Copycat Device

  • Julius surrounds himself with an energy shield that absorbs all damage. If it’s is not destroyed over 5 seconds, the remaining shield is copied onto each ally.
  • When receiving any shield, Julius boosts his physical attack until the end of the battle.

Nine-Lives Engine

  • Julius keeps protecting his allies even after their shields are destroyed. When an ally loses a shield, all negative effects are removed and they gain bonus armor and magic defense for 1.5 seconds.

Purrfect Reflexes

  • Grants feline reflexes to all allies, speeding up their attacks and skills for each active shield.


Interplanetary Travel




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