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GA Defense Strategy and Teams Sumple

Defending in the GA requires a different mindset than defending in an Arena

  • In the Grand Arena (GA), you need three teams to defend.
  • Here is a sample team for this defense. The reality is that defense in a competitive game is a game of tactics, and there is no one right answer. With that in mind, knowing a template like this is an advantage. I hope this is helpful as you consider your own team!
  • The attack examples are not based on these templates but require you to create an individual attack plan tailored to your opponent’s defense.

Sample Teams for Beginners

If you are a beginner, how should you fight in a situation where you have a limited number of Heroes to train?

Lian Solo

 Lian is not a strong hero. If your focus is on Grand Arena and Clash of Worlds (CoW), Lian solo is an idea. However, the training of the pet “Mara” cannot be compromised, so that may be a hurdle.

Dante Tank

A Dante tank is also a candidate. Even with resources focused on Dante alone, a four-person team can still be reasonably successful in defending the location.

First, consider focusing on two teams

  • The Grand Arena is a win-win situation if you win two games.
  • So even if you don’t have access to three teams, if you can get two teams together, you can have some success in both offense and defense.
  • With the Lian Solo and Dante tanks introduced here, you only need to train 5 people (1 + 4) to have a chance of winning.

Example of typical team

  • In the January 2024 environment, you would most likely have three teams consisting of Dante, Ishmael, and Pure Damage.
  • Magic teams are often avoided because of Isaac. (But Amira and Polaris is changing that…)
  • Here are a few examples of team compositions:

Dante’s Team

The back two are replaced with some flexibility.

Ishmael’s Team

Keira is replaced when a frequent attacker establishes a method of attack.

A Pure Damage Team

This team has no debuff counter, but since Khorus and Sebastian are used for the other two teams, they are split. Julius can handle it, but it is better to build a team with Julius’ specs from the start.

About future trends

  • Due to recent changes in the environment, Dante is becoming less difficult to defeat. He is losing his position as the strongest hero.
  • Under these circumstances, new trends such as Aurora + Amira + Polaris + Khorus are being studied as alternatives to Dante.

Can I make a good team with Polaris?

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