[Hero Wars Guide]What is a Brute Force Dante Tank?

[Hero Wars Guide] Brute Force Dante

What is a Brute Force Dante Tank?

  • The Brute Force Dante Tank is a formation designed for aggressive attacks.
  • This formation has a specific shape and allows for various arrangements.
[Hero Wars Guide] Dante Tank Team

Dante Tank Team : Dante, Nebula, Iris, Jet

Dante Team of Brute Force – Main Uses

Utilize the following strategies in specific situations

  • 1. Engage in arena battles to launch successful attacks.
  • 2. Effectively counter Ishmael with Dante tanks.
  • 3. Apply these tactics during critical moments to break through challenging scenes.

Why Choose Brute Force Dante?

  • It enables players to rely on luck when facing most opponents.
  • This playstyle encourages the mindset of “Can I hit you first and then think about it?” Some players believe in attacking first and strategizing later.
  • Guild Masters and Generals who hear about this approach might wonder if their players’ brains are made of muscle, as they disregard careful planning.
  • Yes, the Brute Force Dante excels at aggressive playstyle, but it can also be used with finesse. (Sometimes, people get disliked.)
  • Not exclusive to Brute Force Players; Smart Players can use it too.

Brute Force Dante’s Arranged Styles

The following heroes can be used to establish a winning pattern with carefully planned arrangements that match the opponent’s defensive formation.
Additionally, it is crucial to choose the companion pets strategically.

Kayla[Hero Wars]Morrigan[Hero Wars]SebastianAidan[Hero Wars]DorianFafnir[Hero Wars]Martha

Brute Force Dante: The Divine Techniques

  • Despite being referred to as Brute Force, this approach incorporates expert techniques.
  • The gauge fills up rapidly, allowing you to target and disable your opponent’s skills effectively.
  • For example, you can use your player skill to prevent Corvus from activating his altar and take control of the factory.

Important Notes

  • In the past, K’arkh and the Twins were suitable for such brute force playstyle.
  • In the last couple of years, Dante tanks have taken on that role.
  • However, future changes in the meta might make brute force playstyle with Dante challenging or even impossible.
  • Those of players who raised twins three years ago believed the glory would last forever. Yet, it has been overshadowed by Isaac. It’s possible the same fate awaits Dante, too.
  • Similarly, those who once raised K’arkh thought that the glory would endure indefinitely. However, it has now been surpassed by Dante. There’s a chance that one day, Dante might face a similar fate.

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