[Hero Wars Guide]The Mystery of Golden Sands

[Hero Wars]The Mystery of Golden Sands

Event Guide

  • Hero Event for Amira.
  • Various hero enhancement materials can be obtained.
  • There are many quests.

It was voted to hold the event.

Flavor Text

What awaits the exhausted travelers in the heart of the desert? What mirages will attempt to fool their tired gaze? Follow the Guardians and find out just what the mistress of the Oriental Sands has prepared for them!

Task List

  • 1. Score points (MAX 18,000)
  • 2. Upgrade Skins in total Amira (MAX 80)
  • 3. Upgrade Artifacts in total Amira (MAX 350)
  • 4. Get VIP points (MAX 4,500)
  • 5. Spend Emerald (MAX 60,000)
  • 6. Spend Energy (MAX 10,000)
  • 7. Reach the Evolution level for Amira (MAX Star 6)
  • 8. Promote your hero Amira (MAX Orange +2)
  • 9. Unlock an Ascension glyph in the Ascension Spire (MAX 35)
  • 10. Level up the glyph for Amira (MAX 150)
  • 11. Promote your pet Biscuit (MAX Violet +2)
[Hero Wars Guide] The Mystery of Golden Sands Quests

Task Details and Returns

About Amira’s Soul Stone

Amira’s Soulstone is obtainable through the CoW Shop, albeit through a barter system involving Gift of the Dominion. As a highly potent wizard, acquiring her Soul Stones here is advisable, especially if you are actively training her.

[Hero Wars Guide] Clash of World Shop

Event Shop Guide

Event History

  • Tuesday, November 28, 2023 (3 days)
[Hero Wars] Amira Event End Soon

Event Bundle

Heroic Bundle(Amira)

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